Anti SOPA Blackout – Please write your Congressman

Wednesday, January 18th, I am joining in with thousands of other websites in a blackout/strike against the SOPA & PIPA bill that Congress will be voting on later this month.  I urge you all to send a letter to your Congressman to help in stopping this bill from passing. Everyday sites that you love, from blogs, Facebook, You Tube and more, can be shut down in the blink of an eye if this bill passes. This bill allows the government to decide whether or not a site displays copyrighted material without having ANY proof! This bill is bad news for the future of the internet and for free speech. and could ruin the internet all together by giving the government way too much rights to censorship! Please, if you love the internet and your freedom of speech, go here to fill out a form that sends a letter to your congressman. Let’s stop this bill together!  There is power in numbers.

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