Medela Calma Bottle Review Update

I posted a review for the Medela Calma Bottle HERE, before my son was born with all it’s awesome features. Well now that my son is here I can give you a good update on how he likes it. Let me start by saying that I am a fully breastfeeding mom, so it’s always kinda tricky to get my kids to take a bottle, plus I don’t want them to get used to using one anyways. Medela is an amazing company with many many years of experience in breastfeeding and infants. So, who better to trust to make a great bottle?

The bottle’s design has the same effect of a breast, with hopes to help mothers have an easier transition from breast to bottle with little to no confusion (exactly what I need). First, the nipple is VERY interesting looking and very different from the usual nipples. It creates a vacuum and only works if the baby sucks like he does on the nipple so it is not as easy as regular bottles.  I have a Medela pump, so I happen to have tons of their bottles, so the main thing I loved was that the cap and nipple fit on those bottles which is awesome! Less things to wash and as a mommy of 3 that’s a HUGE PLUS! My son seemed to like it, we usually struggle quite a bit with bottles, like I said before we don’t use them often but when I need to he usually fiddles with the nipple and now that he is teething he even bites it which is not what he usually does while nursing. I also notice he didn’t have any colic after which is also one of the things I dislike the most about bottle feeding him.

The nipple came apart very easily which made it a breeze to wash and it doesn’t have any of those tiny tiny pieces that are so hard to clean. It does have a few more pieces but they are a good size. The 5 oz are a great size and he even likes holding it himself. Overall this is a wonderful product and I will make sure to recommend the Medela Calma bottle to any nursing moms to avoid nipple/bottle confusion. Once again, I have fallen in love with Medela!

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