*HOT* HEB: Clearance on OFF, Raid and Gardening

HEB has a huge sale/clearance on some of their outdoor products and they are 90% off right now!

Some are clearly marked anywhere between $0.63-$8.78.  Like the OFF Citronella coils and refills were all less than $1 and some had $2/2 peelies which made them better than FREE!

They also had an assortment of organic gardening supplies marked with 90% off pricing anywhere from $0.64 – $0.94!!!

Even if most items are marked down only 50% is a good idea to have someone price check it for you (my store has a price checker, but I know most of them don’t). It’s been reported that most items are still ringing up to 90% off.

Keep your eyes peeled for the Raid Earth Options, it’s ringing up for $0.59 and most have a $1 hang tag on them. Making them better than free.

*The awesome haul on the picture is from my friend Michelle! Thanks for sharing!! Good job!

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