CrowdTap: Free Old Navy Bottoms for you and 3 friends!


Old Navy is at it again! This time they are offering up free bottoms for you and 3 friends

Details from Crowdtap:

Since you’re an Old Navy fashionista who loves dressing up your bottom half, you have been selected for a chance to participate in Old Navy’s BOTTOMS BONANZA event! You are a lucky member of the stylish and influential Old Navy Style Council who may have a chance to host an in-store party with 3 lucky friends filled with shopping, laughter, and lots of fun photos!

Old Navy partners with CrowdTap to gain insight on what consumers like and dislike about their products. To do that they giveaway free products to select CrowdTap members.

Here’s how to try and get in on this freebie:

Sign up for Crowdtap
Answer a few short questions to get to level 2+ (5 minutes tops)
Look under “New Actions” for the application
Apply for the Old Navy Bottoms Bonanza

**Remember not everyone will receive the application invite or qualify so don’t get bummed or discouraged.

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