Fun Friday: Saving Gift Bags for future presents

This one might not sound a whole lot of fun, but I thought it should be part of “Fun Friday” because it is party related.

When you get a gift in a gift bag, do you save it? Gift bags are so expensive!!!! I’ve been saving them for so long, the other day I was looking at the prices at the store I freaked out! $5 for a bag are you kidding me?!?!

I take extra care to not damage any bags so I can save them. I also intercept them as they are opened at the kids’ birthday parties so they don’t damage them. I have gift bags in all shapes, sizes, colors and themes! I just fold them up neatly and store them under our bed on a plastic tub. If you had an underbed box, those are great for folding them storing them flat in.

Photo Credit: Young house love

I also save tissue paper that’s not too wrinkled, bows, boxes and wrapping papers on my underbed box.  This are wonderful ways of saving money and in most cases, this also allows you to spend a little more on the actual gift!

Do you save your bags or any other wrapping goodies? Let us know!

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