Get paid to test an Angel Eyeliner!

The Angel Eyeliner Campaign is live!! Head over and apply today before they close the application window. It says they accept applications through the March 21th, however the past few campaigns have filled up early.

The Revlon Eye Shadow campaign launched is 5 days.

Make sure to confirm your email. If you’re selected but you haven’t confirmed your email, you won’t be able to participate.

Upcoming campaigns include:  L’Oreal Manicure Kit, Revlon eye make up and more.

  • Sign-up for Toluna 
  • CONFIRM YOUR EMAIL (you can’t get paid or test products unless you do this)
  • Check the “Rewards” area
  • Click “Test Area”
  • Apply for the Angles Eyeliner campaign

You’ll see what survey’s are available and coming soon.

I can’t wait to hear what awesome goodies you guys get!

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