Julep: $40 worth of Mani/Pedi Products for only $.01!!!

You read that right! Right now you can buy a  Julep Mani/Pedi bag filled with $40 worth of Mani/Pedi goodies for only $.01 shipped with coupon code PENNY.

This is how you get yours:

  • Fill out a quick “style quiz” so Julep can taylor your Mani/Pedi bag towards your taste.
  • When asked say yes to the membership for $19.99 a month. (I’ll explain this one in a minute)
  • At checkout you’ll enter coupon code PENNY to watch your total drop to $1.97.
  • Once you enter your shipping state it will go down to $.01.

Please note: you will be enrolled in Julep’s Monthly Program that cost $19.99. But you can cancel at any time, I am canceling this friday the 23rd just to be on the safe side. You will still get your stuff and there will be no issues :)  Their website says you will need to cancel by the 24th if you don’t want to continue your membership, you can also put one month on hold. One of my readers told me Julep makes it really easy to cancel. You’ll be on and off the phone within 2 minutes. Also, for those of you who like it, you can share Julep with 2 friends using the referral link from your account, and you’ll get a free month!

2 thoughts on “Julep: $40 worth of Mani/Pedi Products for only $.01!!!

  1. Hey Melissa! I got this deal, but when I went on their website today to look into cancelling, it said that I had to call in to cancel. Are you seeing the same thing?

    • Hi Brittany! Yes I noticed that too, it also says you can just put your account on hold or cancel on the 24th. Another reader let me know she called and it literaraly took about 2 min.

      Also, I don’t know if you are interested but if you share it and 2 of your friends join you’ll get a free month.

      Hope this helps! I am editing the post right now!

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