Credit Sesame: Find Out Your Score For FREE (No Credit Card Required)

Do you know your credit score? I found mine out for FREE from Credit Sesame a couple months ago. I am always leery of websites that offer a FREE credit score because they usually require me to provide my credit card number and before I know it, I am in some kind of recurring monthly program, but not Credit Sesame.

I followed the steps to sign up for Credit Sesame and without having to enter any credit card number, I was given my credit score from Experian. And I know it’s right because the bank recently pulled our credit for our home refinance and the score matches! So if you are curious what your score is, you might want to give it a try. offers the following benefits:

  • Monitor your credit profile, home value and debt in one organized place
  • Track your Experian credit score every month and always for free
  • Get a complete savings analysis of your loans, mortgage and credit card debts
  • Find pre-qualified, mortgage, credit card and loan options that will save you money
  • Receive customized alerts that help you lower payments on your debts so you never miss a chance to save

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