FREE 3 pack Sample of iGOZEN Fruit, Vegetable, Meat, Fish Cleaner!

You can get a FREE sample pack of iGOZEN which cleans fruits, vegetables, meat, poultry, and fish of toxins, pesticides and bacteria! Just add them to your cart and enter the code TAJB1 which will make it FREE + FREE shipping!

IGOZEN Sample Pack includes: 
1 Pack of IGOZEN Microfine Fruit / Veg Washing Powder
1 Pack of IGOZEN Microfine Meat / Fish Washing Powder
1 Pack of IGOZEN Microfine Everyday Cleaning Powder
iGOZEN is proven safe and beneficial for use on food. Cleans household items of metal, plastic, ceramic, wood, stone and more. Excellent for kitchen counter-tops, cutting boards, appliances, toilets, bathtubs, interior of automobile and anywhere you want to be sure of a safe and pure clean. iGOZEN is perfect for pet care.

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