*HOT* Copious: FREE $10.00 Credit + FREE Shipping = Lots of FREE Items!

I just found out about a super HOT deal that will get you some FREEBIES (well you will pay $0.01)! Here’s the fun part….you get to choose what you want and everyone’s item will be different….here’s how:

Right now, Copious (a deal site where people list and sell their items kinda like eBay WITHOUT bidding) is offering a FREE $10 credit!! Even sweeter, there are several items with FREE shipping and below $10 so that means you can pick whatever you want and get it for FREE shipped right to your door!

There are seriously tons of very cute items….things like, Purses, make-up, jewelry, clothing, scarves, Bath & Body Works, and SO much more!

Here’s how to do it exactly:

  1. Go here and sign up for your Copious account –
    it’s free and you will get a free $10 credit when you go through that link.
  2. Please note – you will get (2) $5 credits which will make it $10.
  3. When on the main screen where you see the listings, click on “Everything” as shown below – mine was on “Your likes & Follows” and everything was showing as sold so make sure you click on “Everything”.
  4. Choose and item for $10 or less (a lot of these will have FREE or low shipping).
  5. Continue to check out and apply your credit. You will need to pay at least $0.01 – but hey, that’s still a great deal!

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