Crowdtap Verizon Insiders: FREE Party Package (Over $85 in American Express Gift Cards)

Crowdtap is offering another HOT party package filled with $85 in American Express gift cards, a swag bag and more for Verizon VIPs (which hopefully many of you are).

Included in the party package:

  • Party Guide
  • Verizon Swag Bag
  • One (1) $35 American Express Gift card to buy refreshments
  • One (1) $50 American Express Gift Card to offset download purchases

Here’s how you score:

  • Sign up for Crowdtap here for FREE
  • Answer the “quick hit” questions which will take you to higher level – get up to level 4
  • Click on “New Actions Tab”.
  • Depending on your quick hit answers, you may be selected to get a FREE Verizon Party Package. If you are selected, you will see a form to fill out. Not everyone will get accepted but hopefully a lot of you do!

You’re one of a lucky handful of Crowdtappers chosen to host a Verizon VIPs “Feed Your App-etite” Party! You were chosen because of your exceptional participation and status as a Verizon VIP key influencer in the Crowdtap community. Now, let’s get this party started!

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