Spotify: *HOT* My Favorite Way to Listen to ANY Music for FREE!!

I have to tell you all, I listen to music MOST of the time when I’m searching and posting deals….I found something that I LOVE oh so much! Guess what else?! It’s FREE of course….so I wanted to share it with all of you.

It’s called Spotify and it’s awesome. You can download it for FREE (just make sure you are logged into your Facebook account then go here) and then search for any artist you can think of. It will then pull up a TON if not all of that artists songs and CDs. Then you can listen to them all for….FREE and it’s 100% legal! I also have playlists with all my favorite songs and usually just repeat my list and listen to it the all day!

They have everything from Justin Bieber, Gotye, Lana Del Ray, Flo Rida, Kings of Leon to Selena Gomez and The Wanted. It will almost always have their most popular, recent songs too!

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