Where to Find Coupons?!

Newspaper inserts & Ads:
There can be multiple inserts each week from companies like SmartSource, RedPlum, P&G etc… These coupons always come in the Sunday Paper… However some cities will provide a insert or 2 throughout the week!  If you are interested in seeing a Sunday Coupon preview (before Sunday) Then CLICK HERE to get the scoop as soon as the coupons are listed!

TIP: Always flip through the sales ads because I have found some great coupons for retail stores & restaurants!

Online is  most popular place to score some good coupons!  There are many coupons sites, manufacturer sites, Facebook, etc…that all have coupons ready to print!

A great resource is my Coupon Database! It is a large database of available coupons to print, what was in the inserts recently, and many other sources as well!

Also, included below is some of the top places to find coupons each month online to print. 

Company News Letters:
 A lot of companies will put coupons of their products in their email newsletters. This can be a bit annoying because you inbox will be full everyday. Remember companies only put coupons in newsletters sometimes!  I always recommend a Coupon Email you should create for yourself for these companies as well as other offers you find online!

  • All You – the #1 magazine for coupons! (You can score 1 year for only $19.95 HERE)
  • Good Housekeeping
  • Family Circle
  • Women’s Day

These are coupons that you can load directly onto your store card. It is so easy to do and it’s free. The best part is that you don’t have to clip them or remember to take them with you! eCoupons do not double, they do have expiration dates ( & will fall off your card when they expire or you use them once!),  an eCoupon is a manufacturer coupon you cannot stack it with a paper coupon!

P & G
Bringing Hope to the Table
Saving Star 

The blinkie machine are little machines in the grocery isle with a red blinking light that hands out coupons.

Catalina Coupons
You may have noticed that when you go to grocery stores you occasionally receive coupons from the cashier that have printed out during your check-out… Those are Catalina Coupons! These are normally manufacturer coupons or even money off your next in-store transaction. Stores offer promotions that trigger these to print out when you purchase certain items.  These coupons either say “Store Coupon” or  “manufacturer coupon”. If the Catalina says manufacturer & you receive it at a HEB store you will be able to use it anywhere that accepts manufacturer coupons!!

The Catalina will tell you how to use the coupon on it. For example, save $1.50 on your next in-store purchase of $1.50 or more at HEB. Next time you go to HEB, before the expiration date listed, you can hand the cashier & your total will reduce at checkout!

Found sticking to the product itself. A lot of freebies can be found this way! Make sure you use good ethical couponing when pealing a peelie !

Grocery Store Websites
Grocery/Pharmacy websites are offering printable and downloadable coupons directly from their site.

Target + More!

Products that say coupons found inside box:
You might actually have a few hidden coupons inside of your home! I have found a lot of Personal hygiene products will sneak a coupon or 2 into there product packaging! Check your cereal boxes also! 

Gas Stations/Convenient Stores:
A lot of soda/snack companies will leave tear pads beside there products!

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