*HOT* FREE Enfamil Gift Set (Diaper Tote Bag, Formula Samples, Ice Pack, Clutch and Coupons)

Update -  The old offer was for a voucher to take to the hospital but now it is being sent via snail mail.  

Wow! I have a great freebie you can score if you’re pregnant, know someone who is or just want to donate a nice item! You can currently sign up for a FREE Enfamil Gift Set which includes the items below (as pictured above!):

  1. Reusable shopping tote with inside pocket
  2. A box of 12 nursette bottles of Enfamil formula
  3. A bottle cooler with strap that you can attach to your diaper bag or tote
  4. A reusable ice pack
  5. Matching coupon clutch
  6. + Coupons for Lysol and Enfamil products!

You will just need to sign up here and then on one of the “offer pages” you will see the image shown below (feel free to skip over other offers until you see the one below) then accept this offer!

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