Ford Cares Warrior in Pink Review

The fight against breast cancer is very dear to me. My aunt is a survivor and my mom and her other two sisters have all had scares with it, which makes me VERY high risk. When I got the chance to partner up with Ford Cares to spread the word on their efforts to raise awareness and contribute to finding a cure, I was ecstatic!

I received a tote bag, a T-shirt, a pair of yoga pants and a scarf to review and share my thoughts with you guys and I was amazed by the quality of each item!

I loved the T-shirt and I wore it the day after I received it. The pink color is beautiful and it has a word “warrior” on the side. I am a sucker for v necks and this one is my new favorite :) I love how comfortable it is and the design on the side is beautiful and I’ve already had many people complimenting it.

It pairs beautifully with the yoga pants which are blue with a colorful pink band on the waist and the words “warrior in pink” on the bottom of the left leg. I love yoga pants and these are super comfy and made my butt love great! ;)

The tote is our new family pool bag, it’s big enough to fit everyone’s towels and pool accessories. The design is gorgeous and it’s my favorite item from all the things I received. It’s even lined with pink “warrior” silk. It is sturdy and I’m sure will last a very long time. It also has a zipper which makes it that much better.

The scarf is so beautiful my mom stole it from me! I know it sounds like a joke but its true. As soon as she saw it I knew I wasn’t getting it back, so I just asked her to model for me so I could take a picture. It is really pretty I don’t blame her and on her defense it looks a lot better on her. The fabric is great, it feels light and its super wide so it’s almost like a cover up. The “warrior” design is very subtle which makes it a great accessory.

Thank you so much to Ford cares for sending me this beautiful items, it’s feels great to be able to help raise awareness for breast cancer.

Did I mention that 100% of the proceeds from all sales is dedicated to donations going to charities that offer a wide-range of support. Ford is so committed to the cause that it has dedicated more than $115 million to it. To get your own Warriors in Pink/Ford Cares items to help on the fight make sure to go HERE. Then come back and let me know what you got ;) .

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