Free Nail Polish from SaveMore

Right now on Savemore you can get A Fabulous Nails Nail Polish ($15 Value) plus FREE Shipping for $7.5

If you are new to Savemore and Sign up through this link, you will get a $10 credit making these completely FREE shipped to your door.

They have some colors I’ve never seen: like cracked look, very interesting! You can also choose from any of their Fall Collection Colors.

Expires September 2, 2012. Free shipping included. Voucher will be available for redemption on 9/6, at 12pm CST. Redeem online at Fabulous Nails. Limit one per person.

*I just placed my order for the power bands from here and it look me by surprise that I have to pay the tax. I guess everything is changing and it it depends on the site if they make you pay it or not. I’ve placed multiple orders in the past with the vouchers I get on SaveMore and this is the first time I’ve ever had to pay for anything. Just a Head up.


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