Giveaway: Perplexus Original!

Perplexus Original Review and Giveaway – by:Xtreme Qpon

When the Perplexus Original arrived, I was really excited to let the kids give it a try. I opened the package and found myself 45 minutes later still in my bedroom playing with the Perplexus! It is so addicting!


This toy requires you to take a small ball through a series of mazes by rotating the toy so the ball doesn’t fall off the track. My oldest son now sits down at least once a day and tries to work his way through the mazes. My husband still picks it up on the weekends. It’s a nice quiet game that keeps my son occupied without making a huge mess! This is a wonderful toy to keep in the family room for all to enjoy!


(In case you were wondering, the answer is yes…every time I get a camera out, my youngest has to make silly faces!)
The Perplexus is mind challenging and helps promote good eye hand coordination! A wonderful toy for children and their ever growing minds!

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Perplexus has given me the wonderful opportunity to host a giveaway so you have a chance to win your very own Perplexus toy! Enter the rafflecopter below, you are not required to do all entries, but the more you complete, the better chance you have to WIN!!

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