*HOT* Bloggers: Earn $100 Every time to Refer Someone to Blurb Affiliate Program! (EASY Money!)

There is a VERY sweet deal for bloggers right now! You can earn a ton of money very easily. I just did it and it is legit. Right now Blurb (a new site to make your own books) is offering up a $100 BONUS when you refer a new affiliate to sign up for their program through ShareASale (which most of you have). PLUS, you will get a code for a FREE Photo book once you’re approved!

Here’s how:

  1. Go here and sign up (you can scroll down to log into your Shareasale affiliate account that way you don’t have to fill anything out or sign up for one) and it is SUPER easy.
  2. You will then want to use your referral link to refer other bloggers and you will get $100 every time someone signs up – super easy!!!
It can take a few hours to get approved but once you are, you can get your referral code in Shareasale.

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