Coupon Booklets at Randalls


I am always on a mission to find  Coupon books at all stores I go to. Now at Randall’s there is a coupon book with over $39 worth of savings inside!
All the coupons inside are manufacturer coupons so can be used at any store that accepts coupons

Expire 9-4-11
$1.50 Infusium23 or Pert purchase
$1 Brut or Sure purchase

Expire 9-6-11
$1/2 Pillsbury Grands biscuit sandwich or Pillsbury Egg Scrambles
.50 Totinos pizza stuffers
$2 Allegra product

Expire 9-9-11
.75/2 Eggo frozen products 5.3 oz+
.75/2 Morningstar farms

Expire 9-15-11
$1 Nivea body lotion (8.4 oz – 16.9 oz)

Expire 9-30-11
.50 Bertolli pasta sauce product
.50/2 Hellmann’s or Hellmann’s mayonnaise with extra virgin olive oil products(22oz+)
$2 AcneFree 24 hour acne clearing system
$1 AcneFree non-kit treatment
$1 Woolite Oxy Deep, Woolite Pet Stain & Odor remover+oxygen or Woolite Heavy traffic

Expire 10-15-11
$1/2 C&H sugar products 2 lbs+

Expire 10-19-11
Smart Balance buttery Spread

Expire 10-31-11
$1.50 any one 4-pack of Ocean Spray Sparkling Juice drink
$1/3 Pop Secret 3 ct products
$1.50/2 Emerald products 5 oz +
$1/2 Vlasic products
.55/2 Sargento items 12 oz or smaller
$2/2 6packs of Mott’s Sauce cups, 46 oz bottles of Mott’s Medleys or 64 oz of Motts Apple Juice
Free Hunts snack pudding (up to $1) wyb 4 Chef Boyardee canned pasta 15 oz
$1 box Tazo filterbag tea or tea latte concentrate
.55 KC Masterpiece barbecue sauce or marinade 16 oz +
$3 Kingsford Charcoal 11.1 lbs +
.50 Splenda no calorie sweetener product
$3/2 Seattles Best coffee 12 oz bag
.50 Lawry’s marinade, seasoned salt (8oz+) or Garlic salt(6oz+)
$1 Advil 40 or 50 ct, Advil PM 20ct, or Children’s Advil grape suspension 4 oz
$1 Centrum Ultra 100ct, Centrum Silver Chewables 60ct, Centrum performance 60ct or Caltrate 120 ct
$1 All 32 oz or 50oz laundry detergent
$1 Snuggle 32 oz liquid fabric softener or 70/80ct dryer sheets
$1 Aleve 40ct+

Expire 11-1-11
$1/5 Bush’s beans (excludes baked beans, grillin beans and chili magic)

Expire 11-14-11
$1.25 Seattles best coffee 12 oz bag

Expire 11-30-11
$1/2 Minute Rice products

Expire 12-31-11
$1 Kikkoman product

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