Nature-Cide All Natural Pest & Bug Spray Review

I was not born in Texas but I’ve lived in Texas for many years. And when I tell someone how much I hate snakes and the heat they always tell me I live in the wrong place! After 10 years in Texas I’ve seen 1 snake, it was a rattlesnake but only one in 10 years! And in my defense I saw it after my sister’s neighbor had already killed it. There are all kinds of bugs here, just this summer my husband and I were joking about the prehistoric size mosquitoes we got flying around. My daughter has eczema and I take very good care of her skin so I am not just going to lather her with tons of chemicals. Both my son and daughter (and of course their mama) are horrified by bugs, I just don’t like them!

We’ve never had a bug problem and other than the occasional mosquito or fly that gets inside, we don’t see many indoors. But my husband noticed a cricket the other day in our closet. Very odd! how the heck did a cricket get in our closet! And then our son noticed one in his closet! Within a week or so we saw about 10 crickets. I was freaking out thinking of how they were getting in and it’s never a good time for a bug problem but now with a baby coming I PANICKED!!!

So when I was contacted by Nature-Cide and given the opportunity to review their products, I was thrilled! I received Ant Spray, Indoor Pest & Bug Spray, Outdoor Pest. When my box arrived I ripped it open and started spraying. I even had my son help me spray outside they products are all natural so no danger with the pregnant lady and the small children.

The bottle says it’s safe to spray every day but I don’t spray daily, honestly after the first time I haven’t had ANY bugs come inside. They are all natural but I am pregnant after all. I had my husband do most of the inside when we were not there, no matter how safe I just didn’t want neither the kids or myself smelling it all day. The smells is really weird and a little strong for me, but if you compare it to the regular pesticides and bug sprays I guess the “pleasant aroma” makes more sense.

I would also like to note that when I saw their products I was shocked to see a picture of a snake on their outdoors spray bottle. When I ask about it, I was told that it doesn’t kill snakes or rodents but it works like Ammonia works for humans, it’s such a horrible strong smell it repels them. But hey!  was sold as soon as I saw the snake in the bottle! LOL

Here’s a little about Nature-Cide:

Nature-Cide™ is a 100% natural and highly effective insect, rodent and reptile insecticide/pesticide and repellent product line. The POISON FREE way to rid yourself and your family from all types of pests. Which include Bed Bugs, Fleas, Ticks, Ants, Cockroaches, Mosquitoes and a variety of reptiles and rodents. Nature-Cide proves to be an alternative to poisonous pesticides and insecticides which can have harmful effects.”

How it works:

“All insects breathe through their bodies, when they are exposed to the fumes of Nature-Cide’s unique formulation, they are quickly overwhelmed and their mental capacities are impaired. If no escape is available, they exhaust themselves to death trying to escape the fumes of Nature-Cide. It’s as simple as that! Enzymes are a class of proteins that greatly increase the rate of chemical reactions in an organism. The enzymes in our Nature-Cide products are designed to break down protein when they come in contact with a vast variety of insects. Insects like Bed Bugs, Lice, Scabies, Mites, Ants, Fleas and Cockroaches… are all made up of protein. Insects use enzymes to shed their exoskeletons, so when Nature-Cide comes in contact with the insect, it rapidly affects the exoskeleton of the bug by reacting with the protein. This results in premature shedding of its exoskeleton (molting … shedding its outer skin) resulting in death.”

Nature-Cide is giving Austin Couponing 5 bottles to giveaway (1 bottle to 5 winners) Pretty generous ha? This products really work and they are that confident that you’ll love them too! You will get to choose the product you need the most if chosen.The giveaway is coming soon, so stick around! In the mid time make sure to like them on Facebook!

I received the products and/or compensation in exchange for a honest review. I only recommend products I HONESTLY liked and I try to point out what I don’t. 

4 thoughts on “Nature-Cide All Natural Pest & Bug Spray Review

  1. If I win, I would like the BedBug spray since my husband travels a lot and I am always freaking out that he may bring bedbugs from a hotel in his luggage.
    Also, I checked their website and in the outdoor pest control product does not refer to other pests like chiggers. I have a super big problem with chiggers and they are so bad that are also getting inside.
    Love to try their outdoor product to see if it works.

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