Sneakpeeq – Sprout Home Decor 30% off! + Free Turquoise Bracelet!!

Want to customize your home with hand-crafted, eco-friendly decor and furniture? Sprout is just the brand for you! Sprout’s modern designs, such as the 3 Art Tile Set, are available on sneakpeeq now, yours at a 30% discount with your $10 NEW MEMBER CREDIT. You can also try their kid-friendly and environmentally-responsible furniture, with patent-pending joint technology – meaning NO TOOLS! Snag a great cubby or chair for your play room before they run out!

Create a versatile look for the beginning of the fall season – wear butterflies to symbolize life’s endless changes, a fish for good luck, or a single key as a nod to a hot 2012 look! We’re giving you this beautiful Indian Summer Charm Bracelet ($69 value) FOR FREE just for joining sneakpeeq! Your new bracelet will become a go-to look, and we’ll send you one with one of many surprise charms! (Please note: there now is a s&h charge on Free items)

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