Vera Bradley Diaper Bag Review

Choosing a diaper bag can be tricky, there are a lot of things to consider; style, weight, space and price are some of the most important features to me.

I wasn’t very familiar with Vera Bradley but let me tell you I’ve become a huge fan! And once you’ve had one I don’t see how someone wouldn’t be. My sister has been a huge fan forever and honestly I didn’t really see why, with my first two kids I carried big heavy but stylish diaper bags and we shared a love and hate relationship. They were bulky and heavy, they looked great with even without much inside the weigh was insane, not to mention they weren’t child friendly, I was always so scared something would spill or I couldn’t just put it on the ground for a rest.

Enter the Vera Bradley Diaper Bag. This bag has it ALL! I love mine, and here is why:

Weight: it is light weight without sacrificing space, trust me I stuff it like crazy and it has become a magic bag! :)

Style: I love the floral and colorful patterns and there’s so many colors to choose from! It has long awesome straps so you can hang it on the stroller or chairs without having to worry it would fall.

Price: It is very reasonably priced compare to the designer ones I had before, at around $100, there’s no other bag out there that offers as much as this one does.

Extras: It’s machine washable, yes……… read that right! Do I need to continue? That should have sold it ;) The bag is 16 inches long by 12″ wide and 5″ deep. It has a large main pocket that has a zipper, inside there’s six smaller pockets on the side perfect for medicines, pacifiers, ointments and lots more. On the outside, there’s a large pocket on each side, one with a zipper closure and one with a magnetic flap which also has a changing pad. There are also two small pockets on the ends, one on each side for sippy cups, bottles, phones and much more.

Space: This diaper bag has plenty of space to fit tons of things that you’ll need when traveling with your little one. The bag is 16 inches long by 12 inches wide and five inches deep. It has a large main pocket that has a zip closure, and inside there are about six smaller pockets on the side perfect for storing things like pacifiers, Tylenol, travel shampoo and other toiletries for baby. I usually keep a travel-sized lotion for myself, a snack and some tissues. On the outside, there is a large pocket on each side, one with a zipper closure and one with a magnetic flap. There are also small pockets on the ends – one on each side. I usually put a sippy cup for him in one of these pockets.

I love this bag and I can’t recommend it enough, it has truly changed the way I see diaper bags and it’s the only one it suggest you everyone I know! You can get one of these at

***Disclosure: I did receive this product and/or compensation. Neither influenced my opinions, the review is based on my own opinions. 

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