Walgreens: September Coupon Booklet

Here is the monthly coupon booklet for September at Walgreens.  These coupons are valid 8/28 – 9/24.

$0.50/1 Florida’s Natural Orange Juice, 33.8oz
$0.25/1 Good Humor Strawberry Shortcake, 4oz or Klondike Ice Cream bars, 5.5oz
$1.00/1 Hellmann’s Mayonnaise, 22 or 30oz
$1.00/1 Hershey’s Halloween Bag Candy, 16.3 – 24.44oz
$1.00/1 Hershey’s Miniatures, 19.75oz
$1.00/2 Hershey’s Chocolate, 11 or 12oz
$0.25/1 Hostess Cupcakes or Twinkies 2pk or Donettes or Crumb Gems, 3 or 4oz
$0.50/2 Knorr Noodles & Sauce, 4.3oz, Rice & Sides, 5.7oz
$1.00/2 Life Savers Candy, 6.25 or 7oz
$0.50/2 Lipton Recipe Secrets Onion Soup Mix, 2oz
$1.00/1 Mars Halloween Bag Candy, 17.5 to 22.55oz
$1.00/2 Mars Minis, 10.5 or 11.5oz or Dove Minis, 7.94 to 9.5oz
$3.00/2 Mars Variety Bag Candy, 26 or 30.5oz
$1.00/2 Nabisco Crackers, 6 to 16oz, or Newtons Fruit Thins, 10.5oz
$1.00/1 Nestle Bag Candy, 19.75 to 32oz
$1.00/2 Nestle Lil’ Drums, 10pk
$1.00/2 Nestle Skinny Cow Ice Cream Sandwiches or Truffle Bars, 6pk
$0.50/1 Odwalla Drinks, 12oz
$0.50/2 Trident Gum, 18 pieces
$1.00/2 Welch’s 100% Grape Juice, 64oz
$1.00/1 Wonka Mixups or Chewy Favorites, 25 or 32oz
$1.00/2 Wrigley’s 5 Gum, 3pk 15 pieces each
$1.00/1 L’Oreal Cosmetics
$2.00/1 L’Oreal RevitaLift Clinical Repair SPF 20, 1oz
$2.00/1 Neutrogena Lip or Eye Cosmetics (exc. Makeup Removers)
$1.00/1 Armor All Protectant, 10oz, Tire Foam, 20oz, Leather Wipes, 20pk, Cleaning Wipes, 25pk
$5.00/1 Energizer 4x Advanced Lithium or 8x Lithium Batteries, 8pk AA
$1.00/1 Energizer or Eveready Flashlights
$1.00/1 Fiskars Recycled Scissors 8in, 2pk
$1.00/2 Glade Scented Oil Candles, Refills or Sprays
$1.00/1 Hefty Trash Bags, 18-45pk 13 – 39 gallon
$2.00/1 HP Ink Cartridge Black #92
$20.00/1 Philips 7 in Portable DVD Player & Digital TV
25% OFF Photo Books
$1.00/1 Scott Naturals Paper Towels, 6 rolls
$1.00/1 Stoner Invisible Glass, 19oz or Simple Green Cleaner, 2oz
$1.00/1 Aquafresh Advanced, Extreme Clean or Ultimate White Toothpaste, 5.6 or 6oz
$1.00/1 Aquafor Lip Repair, .35oz
$1.00/1 Orajel Cold Sore Relief & Concealer .05oz or Mouth Sore Relief, .42oz (includes .09oz Free)
$20.00/1 Oral-B 1000 Professional Care Rechargeable Toothbrush
$1.00/1 Sensodyne Toothpaste, 4oz or Iso-Active Toothpaste, 4.3oz
$1.00/1 Visine Hydroblend Eye Drops, .5 or 1oz or 30pk Eye Wipes
$5.00/1 Advil Tablets, 300ct
$1.00/1 Airborne, 10ct
$10.00/1 alli Weight Loss Aid Refill, 120ct
$3.00/1 Allergy Buster or Sinus Buster Nasal Spray, .68oz
$5.00/1 At Home 6 Panel Drug Test
$1.00/1 Band-Aid Bandages, 8 to 80pk
$2.00/1 Benefiber, 6.4 – 16.7oz, Chewable, 100ct, Caplets, 114ct, Stick, Pks 24 or 28pk
$2.00/1 Biggest Loser Meal Bars, 5pk or Shakes, 4pk
$10.00/1 Brainstrong, 90ct
$5.00/1 Brainstrong Kids, Toddler or Prenatal, 30ct ea
$2.00/1 Breathe Right Nasal Strips, 10 or 12pk
$1.00/1 Campho-Phenique Antibiotic, Liquid 1.5oz or Gel .5oz or Bactine Pump Spray, 5oz

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