Huge List of Couponing Tips!!!

I looked all over for people’s favorite coupon tips for new couponers and below are their responses! My comments are in a different color. This are all the best ones I found, hope it helps!!! And as always please ask any questions, this is why I’m here! To help you!!

  • It is ok if coupons expire! Do not buy just because you do not want to waste a coupon!
  • Organize, research and have fun
  • Start with ONE drug store and ONE grocery store. I was overwhelmed with Walgreens, Rite Aid and CVS deals
  • Don’t try to go on a shopping trip with your coupons shoved in your purse
  • TLC Extreme Couponing is not accurate! Most trips are staged and planned with months and months. You can save a lot but the show is a little exaggerated.
  • Start slow, and if any friends coupon, go along…don’t buy…just watch and listen
  • Don’t use coupons because they are a good deal, use them only on items you’ll actually use, and be patient, try to match coupons with store sales in your area.
  • Stay organized…get a binder! (We’re going to start selling them pretty soon!!!)
  • Be patient… do research and get organized… start small!
  • I love the buy one get one free deal + add two coupons to that deal = nice savings (Make sure your store allows it)
  • Do not shop with kids! Lol they will try to buy everything other than what you went for (In my case this includes husbands too :P)
  • Buy only what you need. If you throw it out or have to give it away, you’re wasting money. Factor in the cost of newspapers, gas etc into your savings. If you have to drive 20 miles to save a $1 you’re losing money.
  • Be proud of yourself! Every little bit of SAVINGS counts….
  • Don’t expect to save 99% on your very first trip… The average fist -timer saves around 35%. Try not to go overboard for the first trip anyways. It can get stressful. It gets easy with practice.Don’t be afraid of the coupons or the cashiers, if the cashier acts confused with the coupons she’s probably as new as you are to the game. If they insist that you can’t use the coupon, either go to their management or just ask them to remove it off the bill.(I know this can be scary and sometimes even embarrassing, but always remember is costing you money not to speak up!)
  • Be nice to your cashier. (Unless you are at Walmart! Lol jk!)
  • DONT BE A SHELF CLEANER!! THESE PEOPLE ARE THE WORST AND THEY RUIN IT FOR THAT AVERAGE SHOPPER. Extreme couponing is only useful is you intend to help others. Saving money is great, but let’s keep things in perspective and give everyone else a chance to reap the benefits of couponing. (I couldn’t agree more! Shelf cleaning is a horrible thing to encounter at the store specially if you are just starting)
  • Learn store policies so that you don’t find yourself not getting the deals that you went to get. Every store is different, so look up their policy it will save you a headache and heartache later. Also, always read the small print on coupons, to find out if there is a limit or etc. (We have all the store policies posted here)
  • Also remember that regardless of how good the deal seems, MOST of the time you are spending money to use a coupon. If you don’t really need it, don’t feel obligated to use the coupon.
  • I try to scope out my cashier…grouchy cashiers are the worst. Male cashiers are usually the best in my experience!
  • Know how much you’ll realistically use. Don’t clear shelves. I doubt you really need to take the last 20 toothpastes. Even if they are free.
  • Choose your level of insanity and don’t beat yourself up cause you miss a deal others get… be happy for the deals you do get. Don’t hoard… be polite… share (donate)… learn then teach, don’t try to explain everything to somebody until you get a handle on it!!! (Love this one!)
  • Team up with your family and make it fun filled saving.
  • My idea of a good deal changed drastically when I started couponing. I rarely pay over $1 or $2 for anything I know I have a coupon for.
  • Find a coupon buddy and team up. Always easier to hand over a stack of coupons with your buddy behind you and not some mother of 4 screaming children waiting for you to “hurry up”. And help each other out, share deals and trade coupons.
  • Set a budget. It doesn’t take long to over spend when you are buying multiple items of everything you need.
  • And don’t forget to price match and still use your coupon. Makes for more savings
  • Make it a habit to only go to the store when you have your binder…..this alone saves us a fortune (no more wasteful grabby trips), plus you get in the habit of always looking to see if you have a coupon for an item.
  • Don’t buy something just because you have a coupon.
  • I live in a small town and get the local paper as well as a metro area paper. Usually the coupons are different. I meet my parents or sister in a bigger town an hour away about once a month. I will start planning trips to some of the stores in that town that I don’t have where I live. You can also get people to mail you their coupons or sales ads. Another thing that helps is having someone else encouraging you and couponing too. At work we go through sales ads and coupons together at lunch and share stories of how much we saved.
  • My biggest tip is to make “friends” with at least one cashier at the store, it makes it easier when the cashier thinks what you are doing is cool and not a pain. Also try not to anger the managers… they can be the bane of your existence.
  • Don’t forget rain checks! Easy way to extend a sale and get the popular items that are gone before u get there!
  • Bring your coupons with you EVERY time you leave the house, you never know when you’ll find a good deal.
  • Experiment until you find the right storage system for you – the binder system works best for me.
  • My biggest tip is to not feel embarrassed about using coupons! There will always be people who look at you a little funny… they’re just curious and some are probably jealous!
  • Pick one store to start out with… mine was walgreens

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