Colief Colic Relieve Drops Review and Giveaway!

My 6 year old son never had any colic, so when our daughter was born I was nether prepared or experience on colic. We had quite a few restless nights and days, there was nothing that would help her. As a fully breastfeeding mom I had no idea what do to! Until we found out she had a lactose intolerance so every time I eat dairy and nursed she got sick. I immediately changed my diet and the improvement was instant, no more crying fussy baby and no more crazy gas!  :-P I wished for something to help me through those hard times before we found the cause of my daughters discomfort. I wish I knew about Colief.
It wasn’t easy! giving up the cheese, butter, ICE CREAM!!! I got used to reading labels and still until today now that my daughter is 28 months, I still have to check on everything to make sure she won’t get a reaction. Needless to say I am prepared for the worst with this baby and I am glad I now know about these amazing drops. The Colief drops are ALL natural and contain lactase enzyme that helps digest milk. It can be used both with breast milk and formula before a baby’s feed. Colief has been prescribed in the U.K. and Ireland for over 15 years, it is now available in the U.S. Here’s how to use them:

Breastfeeding with Colief:

  • Express a few tablespoons of breast milk into a sterilized container.
  • Add 4 drops of Colief® Infant Drops.
  • Give this to your infant on a sterilized spoon before initiating breastfeeding.
  • Breast feed as normal.

Using Colief with formula:

  • Prepare your infant’s formula as per manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Add 4 drops of Colief® Infant Drops to the warm (not hot) formula.
  • Wait 30 minutes, shaking the formula occasionally, then feed your infant as normal,
    making sure that the formula is at the correct temperature.
  • Discard any unused formula.

You can find Colief on their websiteFacebook and twitter. Also, for a chance to win your own bottle make sure you enter the giveaway. If you can’t wait and want to buy Colief you can do so online or at CVSTarget and Walmart. Make sure to go HERE first to get a $2 off coupon! Good Luck and thanks for reading!

Disclaimer: I received the products and/or compensation in exchange for a honest review. I only recommend products I HONESTLY liked and I try to point out what I don’t. 

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