Hurry!!!! FREE Shoes or Handbag + FREE Shipping!

Right now you can get a pair of shoes OR a Handbag for FREE + FREE shipping! I know it sounds too good to be true but IT IS!!!

  1. Sign up for Just Fabulous for FREE and do your style assessment so they can see your “style”.
  2. Today ONLY, all shoes and handbags are just $25 so choose your favorite item.
  3. Choose the $25 Entertainment Weekly magazine for the $25 rebate.
  4. Click on “View details”, then click PRINT to print that form to submit for your $25 rebate instead of the magazine.
  5. You will pay $25 and then you will be able to request a $25 refund!

If you order you may want to call to cancel any further subscriptions after you get your order. You can call customer service at (866) 337-0906 once you receive your order. As long as you cancel your membership by the 5th day of the month, your credit card will NOT be billed the monthly charge.

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