Prepare yourself for a disaster

It has been a couple horrible days here. Let me start by saying that thank God we are save and we are close but we’re not in the affected areas.

What  would you do if you only had 5 minutes to get your “valuables” from your home. This was the question thousands of people had to ask themselves this holiday weekend in Bastrop, Steiner Ranch, Spicewood in Texas.

I stayed up until 3 am Saturday, trying to put together everything I would like to take, not that we were in danger of being evacuated I just realized how unprepared we were. And most of you out there are probably too.

I started with the most obvious, passports, birth certificates, SS Cards, Insurance cards, car titles, mortgage papers. Which were all in different places not because they are not organized just because everything was filed according to category I am certain I wouldn’t have been able to find them under 5 min. They should all be organized and keep in an easy to reach place. I would recommend to make copies and have two sets one should go in an emergency bag.

Next pictures, how can you get all your memories in 5 minutes, pictures, certificates, letters, crafts, cards, diplomas, keepsakes. When my husband saw my frustration he suggested a portable Hard Drive with all pictures, scanned documents and important info. He also suggested one of those online storage websites. Both options sound good. I still need to finish putting all the pictures and scanning all the documents onto the Hard Drive. This will go on my emergency bag. It’s actually there right now I am not taking it out unless I’m working on it.

You’ll want a change of clothes, for each person in the family make sure it’s something comfortable and with layers to be prepared for any weather. Don’t over pack this is not a trip! You might not even get to change but you just want to be prepared! Don’t forget underwear and socks. If you have a baby pack a couple diapers and wipes.

Let me remind you this is a bag that is supposed to be easy to carry and with nothing but the most important things. I also realized we all need an emergency kit with can food, water and other stuff but that’s not what this is. This is something fast you can carry and run so it can’t be bulky or heavy.

I also put a little stuffed animal for each of my kids just in case, this would be a frightening situation and a toy might help them find some comfort and keep them occupied.

Last but not least toiletries toothbrushes for everyone, and deodorant. I think that’s enough. Anything else you might not even use. Make sure to ask your Dr. (if possible) to give you an extra prescription or an extra refill to put on your bag of any medication you/your family NEED to take and can’t live without. If you have a baby you should also throw in some diaper rash ointment.

Hope this helps someone and please make sure you have something like this on hand. You never know when something like this can happen to you. Hope it never does but you’ll be prepared!

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