Top 9 Wish List for a Baby Shower: Guest post by Bloom Maternity

This is a guest post from Ellen Evans from Bloom MaternityEllen Evans blogs about maternity and baby things at Bloom Maternity; about her life as a mom to “Sunbeam” and “Firecracker” at; and assembling her recipe book at

Looking back to when I had my first child four years ago, I’ve noticed that the maternity market changed as fast as the seasons.  There is a plethora of accessories and baby items available now that weren’t even on the market a year to 4 years ago.

So if I was to have a baby shower tomorrow, here’s my top 9 wish list.

Let’s be honest, those hospital gowns are less than desirable. If I’m ever in the labor room again I’ll be wearing Pretty Pusher’s “I’m Dreaming of Coffee”  Delivery Gown. If I take the time to make sure I’m waxed and pedicured for the grand event, then I’m going to make sure I’m wearing a gown that worthy of birthing Oscar.

The Belly Bandit: With the birth of my first child, all my Latino co-workers told me that I really needed a “waist belt” to help train my waist back to its pre-pregnancy figure. At the time I searched high and low for such an item that seems to be the secret to beauty in the Latino culture, but my cute little boutique shop owners just didn’t know of anything on the market — yet.


ShrinxHips: Just like the Belly Bandit is designed for your waist, ShrinxHips is designed to provide constant, even pressure to gently guide your hips back to the pre-pregnancy position or smaller.  However you only have a small window of opportunity for this item – during the first eight weeks of post-delivery while you have Relaxin in your system which helps your pelvic joints and ligaments to soften.



Milk Saver:  This breast milk reservoir fits into your bra cup helping you save every precious drop of milk during your “let-down.” I always called breast milk liquid gold and hated it whenever an ounce was wasted or lost.

Padalily is a stylish handle cushion that wraps around the handle of the baby’s car seat – making it a little bit more comfortable for you to carry that heavy car seat around.  Later the cushion can be placed on a seat belt so it doesn’t rub against a child’s neck. Ingenious.

When we had baby #2, we had to invest in a double stroller, although we had dropped a pretty penny on our first single stroller.  If I was given a redo, I would purchase an inline stroller like the phil&teds brand because it actually grows with your family.  When you add a second child then all you need to do is buy the doubles seat that runs any where from $99-$149 depending on the style.  The unique double kit seat clips easily to the front or rear to take one or two kids from lie-flat newborn to upright 5 year olds.

JJ Cole Pacifier Clip has really designed some fun styles making baby clips fashionable. My favorite styles for this season are White Vroom and Sky Clover for boys; and Lemon Posey for girls.

As a new mother I constantly worried about whether I was producing enough breast milk.  Now I would just use the Milkscreen Calculator to help ease those concerns. After taking the test you can learn if you’re producing enough milk and if you’re production is normal, low or high.

Matching snaps on a crying baby can be stressful at times, and my most favorite baby item to give to my friends is the Magnificent Baby Layette. Magnificent Baby’s easy-to-use magnetic fasteners will have a baby dress in seconds. Oh, how I wish this was invented four years ago! I did use this on baby number 2 until he was 10 months old and the magnets held together like a dream while he crawled.

Well that’s a wrap on my baby shower “wish list.” What baby items are your favorite to give at showers – or which items would you add to your list?

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