$15 credit to One King’s Lane | Items as low as $4.95 shipped


I mentioned earlier today that One King’s Lane is offering a FREE $15 credit when you sign up through this link!

Upon first glance, it looks like One King’s Lane is full of items that are outrageously expensive ($600 for a cigarette holder!), but there are some great deals to be had. Remember each day the sales change, but here are a few items that would be cheap/FREE with the credit:

Under the French Twist Sale

3 Zinc Signs – $7 after credit

Set of 4 souvenir napkins featuring the eifel tower (in turquoise or pink) — FREE after credit

Set of 3 souvenir tea towels featuring the eifel tower (in turquoise or pink ) — FREE after credit

Set of 4 souvenir placemats featuring the eifel tower (in turquoise or pink) — $1 after credit

BonJour Creme Brulee Torch with Fuel Gauge — $2 after credit

Cool Hotels France 2010 – FREE after credit

Rouge Carafe – FREE after credit

Bistro Parisien Doormat – $4 after credit

Plaisirs Matin Utensil Jar – FREE after credit

Lemon Tree S/20 Poodle Flat Notes — $2 after credit

Cool Paris book – FREE after credit

Under the Arthur Court Sale

Grape Cocktail Napkin Box — $4 after credit

Rabbit Salad Servers — $4 after credit

3″ petite grape frame — FREE after credit

10 inch Grape Tuscan Trivet – $4 after credit

Sunflower Sweetener Holder – $1 after credit

Unfortunately shipping is not included. It is a flat $4.95.

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