Amazon: Free Little Big Book of Butterflies eBook

Are you ready to learn about butterflies in this new interactive picture book for kids? The Little Big Book of Butterflies is packed with fun facts, beautiful photos and lots of great questions:

• How big are the world’s smallest and largest butterflies?
• Where do butterflies live and what do they eat? And who eats them?
• How do they hide from their enemies?
• Do you know the four stages of a butterfly’s life cycle?
• Did you know butterflies taste with their feet?
Get the answers to these questions and many more, along with stunning photos of butterflies in action. Have you been paying attention? There’s only one way to find out! At the end of every Little Big Book there’s a special interactive quiz, perfect for testing your new-found knowledge.

If you like it make sure to get it fast, as we all know Amazon is notorious for changing their prices at any time!!!

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