Bright Horizons Awesome Open House Review!

Remember the Open House Event I told you about last week? Well I attended and I most say I am beyond impressed! I’m actually considering enrolling my daughter a couple days a week!

Bright Horizons @ Oak Hill is a wonderful place where children learn, play and develop in a safe, fulfilling and educational environment. I had the pleasure to meet the Director Sharla Robles and most of the staff, everyone was beyond welcoming and wonderful. My children didn’t want to leave! Here they are making cereal necklaces (which didn’t last very long!) 😀

Bright Horizons is a chain of childcare centers around the US, go HERE for a location near you. They have quite a few other things worth mentioning:

An awesome interactive media board, kids were having a blast here! It’s such a neat idea! It was like this huge doodle pad!

They also have a media area with touch screen computers and awesome programs, most kids loooove this one and couldn’t get enough!

Their classrooms are full of activities and different areas included but not limited to: sensory areas, role play, resting areas, art, play dough, tiny adorable sinks and restrooms!  🙂

Last but not least the live performance by local children’s musician, Joe McDermott was super fun, he is really good! And make the children jump and dance to all his awesome tunes!

I had a wonderful time and I know my children did too! For more information and a location near you make sure to check out

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