Daddy Scrubs Review & Giveaway!!!

My husband has been in the room when my two other kids were born, so obviously he’ll be there this time. He is super supportive and nice, but he is on allowed to leave the side of my head while I am pushing (I just don’t want him to see anything that might scar him for life! lol) So when I got the chance to review Daddy Scrubs I was so excited to give him something to make this day extra special for him.

I believe daddy needs to be comfortable during labor too, I’ve have really long labors so I always pack stuff to make sure he is entertained and comfy. He chose the blue Daddy Scrubs with the Edgy font. When it arrived I was impressed with the quality and how comfortable and nice they look. One of my favorite things is that they are perfectly fine to sleep in so if my labor happens to be late he can get a little sleep while wearing these.

I can’t wait for my hubby to wear them when this little guy is ready to come out! Make sure to stay tuned for lots of pictures!!! :) Daddy Scrubs retail for $54.95 and come in different colors and different fonts to choose from. They also offer tees, hoodies, hats, and other gifts.

You can find Daddy Scrubs on their websiteFacebook and Twitter. Also, for a chance to win your own Daddy Scrubs in your choice of color and font make sure you enter the giveaway. Good Luck and thanks for reading!

Disclaimer: I received the products and/or compensation in exchange for a honest review. I only recommend products I HONESTLY liked and I try to point out what I don’t. 

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