Medela Calma Bottle Review

I am a full time nursing mom, I was for my two other kids and plan to be for my son coming in November. So I am obviously extremely familiar with Medela products, When they contacted me to review their brand new Calma bottle I was thrilled!

Here are some of the features of the bottle:

  • The flow control valve allows your baby to control milk flow.
  • Milk only flows when your baby creates a vacuum.
  • Mimics natural feeding behavior: your baby can feed, pause and breathe, similar to breastfeeding
I most confess, as a nursing mom I am not a friend of bottles; once you get used to nursing having to wash and sanitize tons of nipples, rings and bottles seems like quite a struggle. And don’t get me started with those bottles wit endless tiny parts. But as any mom I also know there’s times I can’t be with my baby and I need him to have a bottle he like to drink from.
I love the fact Medela’s Calma bottle is specially for nursing babies, it makes me feel great to know it will be easier for my  son to get the hang of drinking from a bottle and also like to nurse. I will be posting an extended review once my son is here. Stay tuned!!
To buy your own Calma bottle just go HERE.

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