Virtual Baby Shower Week 4 Giveaways!!!

Our Virtual Baby Shower Event has come to it’s last cycle with more awesome giveaways! This week we have over $750 worth of prizes some some awesome sponsors! Make sure to enter and share with everyone you know!

Baby Gourmet is giving away a 12 pack ($50 Value) Check out my review HERE.

Daddy Scrubs is giving away on of their awesome Daddy Scrubs ($45 Value). Check out my review HERE.

Ella’s Kitchen is giving away a 10 pouches ($25 Value) Check out my review HERE.

Fashion Forward is giving away a FREE rental of your choice ($24 Value) Check out my review HERE.

Minky Couture is giving away one of their supper soft minky blankets ($65 Value) winner gets to choose if they want a boy or girl blanket. Check out my review HERE.

Rocking Baby is giving away one of their HERO Slings, just like the ones they donate to moms in need ($80 Value). Check out my review HERE.

Similac is giving away a 8 oz bottle, a 4 oz bottle, a powder cap and some coupons to 3 winners!! ($40 Total Value). Check out my review HERE.

Belly Bar is giving away a Belly Bar Prenatal + DHA Chocolates Box ($25 Value) Check out my review HERE.

Bump is giving away a Maroc Top  ($65 Value) Check out my review HERE.

Dria Cover is giving away a Dria Cover in the winners choice of pattern ($80 Value) Check out my review HERE.

Happy Baby is giving away a set of Kids snacks ($25 Value) Check out my review HERE.

Juppy is giving away a Juppy Baby Walker ($37 Value) Check out my review HERE.

The Lua is giving away one of their Lua Car seat covers, winner gets to choose the pattern ($65 Value) Check out my review HERE.

Monkey Mat is giving away one of their awesome Mats ($40 Value) Check out my review HERE.

To enter to win one of this awesome prizes make sure to fill out the Rafflecopter below. Good Luck, thank you so much for attending our Virtual Baby Shower!!

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9 thoughts on “Virtual Baby Shower Week 4 Giveaways!!!

  1. Baby Gourmet-All the Purees are amazing! my toddler would love them all!
    Daddy Scrubs-I love the All American Daddy Hat! Perfect!
    Ella’s Kitchen-Old Fashioned Apple Pie and Sweet Potato Pie!
    Fashion Forward Maternity-Kaitlyn Leopard Wrap Dress is Perfect for Work!
    Soft Minky Blankets-Elle Blanket is Gorgeous!!
    Rockin Baby-Sweet Lorriane Sling is awesome!!!
    Similac- The 2 pack bottles are great!
    Belly Bar Products-Chocolate Prenatals!! more nausea!!
    Bump Babies-the daddy shirts are crazy fun!!
    Dria- I am in LOVe with the DuBLIN!!
    Happy Baby- Spinach Puffs!
    The Juppy- The Black and Yellow Momentum Juppy!!
    Lua-Hailey car seat cover is GORGEoUS!
    Monkey Mat- Love the Hot Pink Mat!

  2. 1) simple purees–Orchard Apple, Carrot & Prune
    2) love diaper bag & bag of books
    3)cookies & squeeze baby food
    4) d & a deep v back dress
    5) baby girl minky satin blanket
    6)beautiful day sling
    7)similac bottle
    8)yummy chocolate prenatals
    9) bump tank dress
    10)dria dublin nursing cover
    11) green beans Happy Baby Pouches
    12)pink juppy
    13) the haily
    14) pink monkey mat

  3. 1.Baby Gourmet- I love the Protein Purees! They’d be great for my picky eater!
    2. Daddy’s Scrubs- I love the Bag O Books. Perfect for a new daddy!
    3. Ella’s Kitchen- I love their Smoothie Fruits. Perfect for my toddler!
    4. Fashion Forward Maternity- I love the LIGHTWEIGHT SWEATER JACKET. Cute!
    5. Soft Minky Blankets- Eli: Blue, Orange, and Yellow Transportation with Yellow Swirl and Orange Ruffle
    6. Rockin Baby- Beautiful Day Sling. Love the print!
    7. Similac- I love that bottle! Also the StrongMom’s program
    8. Belly Bar Products- I love the Chocolate Prenatals. Such a good idea!
    9. Bump Babies- I love the Bump Daddy shirts. Funny!
    10. Dria Cover- I love the Newport Style Stroller Cover
    11. HappyBaby- I love their HappyTot pouches, with the veggies and fruit!
    12. Juppy Walker- Juppy Baby Walker (Full-Lining) in Blue
    13. The Lua- The Ultimate Car Seat Cover in Seth. Such a pretty pattern!
    14. Monkey Mat- I love the Monkey Mat in Pink. What a genius idea!


  4. i’m not gonna rem all down here ,baby gourmet cause the foods were natural,daddy scrubs are awesome,fashion forward so hard to find good maternety clothes those were great elask kitchen meals in pouches soft minky blankets made me want to cuddle rockin baby the most awesome rocker ive seenformula from similac is always good,belly bar who wouldn’t want chocolate vitamins !SORRY THAT WALKER WAS JUPPY BUMP, CLOTHES FOR MOM AND DAD DRICOVER HAS THE 4 IN 1 COVER MOST ARE ONLY ONE – HAPPY HAS ORGANIC FOODSI’VE GONE OVER AND OVER AND NO I MISSED 1 SO SORRY HEY OTHER PLAYERS DON’T COPY MINE LOL

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