Are You Missing Austin Couponing Posts On Facebook?

I’ve seen a lot of comments recently stating that a lot of you are not seeing all of the Austin Couponing posts on Facebook. This is kinda a big deal because anytime I post something here on the page, I also post it on Facebook…so if you’re not seeing all the posts you may miss out on deals.

Just follow the easy direction below:

1 – Log in to your Facebook account and make sure you have “Liked” Austin Couponing Facebook page.

2 – Then click on the “News Feed” tab (located on the left side) looks like picture below:

3 – Click on the “Sort” menu which will drop down on the top right side (see picture below):

4 – You will then need to click on “Recent Stories” in the Drop Down Menu (see picture below):

5 – That’s it! You should now start seeing all of the Austin Couponing deal posts so you don’t miss out on any hot deals!

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