Blockbuster Express: FREE Rental Codes

There are some new free rental codes for Blockbuster Express Kiosks locations. If the code doesn’t work, try to use it on a non new-release. The following codes are valid through today (11/7)

  • 37JRTW8
  • 89BPSP8
  • 33SGLM6
  • 62CDJS7
  • 67KWMR5
  • 64DABC4
  • 36CEHW7
  • 6AEVX4
  • KYKB53
  • R27X47
  • Y5WJ4B
  • 3RFCD6

To find a kiosk, just go HERE. For my local readers……. all Randalls locations have one.

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