HEB Weekly Match 11/22 – 11/8

Lots of good deals at HEB!

Buitoni Family Size Pasta, 20 oz & Buitoni Sauce, 10-15 oz
-$1 off Buitoni frozen product
Get free with in-store coupons:
Central Market All Natural Italian Sparkling Mineral Water, 1 L
H-E-B Ready to Brew Family Size Tea Bags, 24 ct.
H-E-B Hearts of Romaine, Italian Romaine, or Iceberg & Romaine Salad Blend 10-12 oz
Wish-Bone Salad Dressing, 8 oz
H-E-B Creamy Creations Sherbet, 1 qt.

HEB Flour Tortillas, 50 ct, $2.98
-$1 HEB Flour Tortillas, with in-store coupon
Final Price: $1.98!

HEB Wheat Hot Dog Buns, 8 ct, $1.68
-$1 HEB Wheat Hot Dog Buns, with in-store coupon
Final Price: $0.68!

HCF Powder Donuts, $1.99
-$1 HCF Powder Donuts, with in-store coupon
Final Price: $0.99

Barilla Blue Box or Whole Grain Pasta, 12-16 oz $1.18
-B1G1 Free in store coupon
Final Price: $0.59 each

HEB Bakeshop Ready-to-Bake Bread, 7-14.1 oz, $1.98
-$1 HEB Bakeshop Ready-to-Bake Bread with in-store coupon
Final Price: $0.98

Sally Hansen Hard As Nails, Xtreme Nail Enamel, $1
-$1 Sally Hansen nail color products, RP 9/25
Final Price: FREE!

Kandoo Flushable Toilet Wipes, 50 ct., $2.48
-$1 Kandoo Flushable Toilet Wipes, with in-store “B” coupon
-$1 Kandoo Flushable Toilet Wipes
Final Price: $0.48

Jimmy Dean Fully Cooked Sausage Links, Patties, or Crumbs, $2.98
-Get HEB Large Grade AA Eggs, 1 dz, with in-store coupon
-Get HEB Ready-to-cook Tortillas, 12 ct, with in-store coupon
-Use $0.75 off Jimmy Dean Sausage Crumbles
Final Price: $0.74 each!

Tyson Bagged Chicken $4.98
-Get DeliMex Taquitos, 12 ct, with in-store coupon
-$1 off Tyson chicken breast chunks, SS 8/07 (EXP 11/06)
-$1 off Tyson frozen chicken nuggets, SS 8/21
Final Price: $1.99 each!

Johnsonville Smoked Sausage, 14 oz, $2.97
-Get HCF Mustard, 8 oz, with in-store coupon
-Get HCF Pretzels, 10-15 oz, with in-store coupon
-$1 off Johnsonville smoked chicken sausage, RP 9/11
-$1 off Johnsonville chicken sausage, SS 11/06
Final Price: $0.65 each

Macaroni Grill, Wanchai Ferry, or Good Earth Box Dinner, 7.6-23.3 oz, $3.44
Get Bisquick Baking Mix, with in-store coupon (EXP 11/15)
-$1 off Any Romano’s Macaroni Grill or Wanchai Ferry Dinner Kit
Final Price: $1.22 each

Lysol Disinfecting Spray, 12.5 oz, $4.22
-Get Lysol Disinfecting Wipes, 35 ct, with in-store coupon
-$1 off Lysol Disinfecting spray, 12 oz+
Final Price: $2.11 each

Axe Shower Gel, 12-18 oz, $3.47
-Get Axe Shower Tool, with in-store coupon
-$1.50 off Axe shower gel
-B1G1 Axe shower gel or detailer, max $5.99, SS 10/23
Final Price: $0.87 each wyb 2 Shower Gels and 2 Shower Tools!!!

Last but not least:
Buy a HEB Spiral Ham $25
-Get a 12lb Turkey FREE
Final Price: $12.50 each Not bad!

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