Sponsored post: Finasteride and treatment of prostate

Finasteride and treatment of prostate

                Human body changes over time. Naturally, whether you are male or female, different organs and tissues will be affected. When we talk about men, one of the common things that happen to a body is enlargement of prostate. In fact, this organ starts increasing when we reach twenties. Even though initial enlargement is minor, it still exists. This is a constant process which can eventually lead to real problems.

Have in mind that not everybody will suffer from symptoms of prostate enlargement (otherwise known as benign prostate hyperplasia). Some individuals will have severe issues while others will barely notice them. Nevertheless, those who have issues can only expect to have more severe symptoms in time given that prostate constantly increases in size. You can buy Finasteride online and treat these problems.

Prostate is a small gland which is crucial part of male’s reproductive system. It is positioned just below the bladder, in front of the rectum. Normally, it has size of a nut and it weighs about 20 grams. It consists of two lobes which are covered by outer layer of tissue. It surrounds urethra, pipe which transfers urine from bladder, through penis and into environment. One of its main functions is to secrete liquid which protects sperm from acids which is present in urethra. Normally, this condition only affects men. About 8 % of them between 31 and 40 years of age suffer from it. This percentage rises to 40 in males who are between 51 and 60 and those who are above 80, have 80 percent of chance to suffer from it.

There are various symptoms which can affect a person. However, it is still unknown why some people feel consequences of this condition while others do not feel anything. It is quite normal to have enlarged prostate as the time goes by. It is still uncertain what causes these issues in some organism while in others, it doesn’t have any effect. Anyway, all the symptoms are connected to urination. Patient can experience issues such as slow, inconsistent flow of urine, need to urinate during the night, inability to start urinating etc. However, the biggest issue is inability to urinate. This is a very severe problem which can lead to retention of urine (holding urine within body). Given that urine is full of toxins, these substances will remain within organism. As a result, patient may suffer from infections and permanent damage to kidneys and bladder.

Benign prostate hyperplasia is treated with medicines. Patient can use Finasteride in order to reduce prostate. It can also be combined with other medication so that you can eliminate symptoms at the same time. Specialists from You! Drugstore recommend it for treatment of various urinary problems. However, it cannot be used for prostate cancer. Finasteride works after 6 to 12 months and it is for oral use only. Patient who is using this drug may experience reduced libido. Also, drug may influence amount of semen which is released during sex.

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