HEB: Get $10 when you buy $30 in P&G items!!! + Scenarios

December 28th through January 10th, you will receive a $10 Catalina good on your next purchase when you buy $30 worth of P&G products! This catalina coupon states not valid on P&G products so you can not roll it into a second deal, but you can do the deal multiple time to earn multiple catalinas to use on groceries. Your $30 can be hit BEFORE ALL COUPONS which is awesome!!!

Here a list of the items I think are the best deals:

Buy Fixodent $3.47
Use $3 insert 11-27 P&G
-$1.15 (from catalina coupon)
= $0.47 

Buy Pampers diapers $9.47
Buy Pampers wipes $2.37
Use $2 insert 11-27 P&G (requires purchase of both)
Use $2.37 Yellow “B” HEB Coupon
-$3.91 (from the catalina coupon)
= $3.56 for both

Buy Tampax Pearl $3.99
Buy 3 @ 3.99 = $11.97
Use 3 $2 insert 1-1 P&G
Use $4 Yellow “B” HEB Coupon
-$3.95 (from catalina coupon)
= $1.98 Money Maker

Buy Always $3.26
Buy 3 @ 3.26 = $9.78
Use 3 $1 insert 1-1 P&G
Use $4 Yellow “B” HEB Coupon
-$3.23 (from catalina coupon)
= $0.45 Money Maker

Buy Tide Stain release $3.97
Use $2 insert 1-1 P&G
-$1.31 (from catalina coupon)
= $0.66

Buy Olay Regenerist cloths $6.45
Use $3 insert 1-1 P&G
-$2.13 (from catalina coupon)
= $1.32

Buy Tide detergent $7.54
Use $2 insert or Yellow HEB Coupon
-$2.49 (from catalina coupon)
= $3.05

Buy Olay Total Effects lotion $5.07
Buy 6 lotions @ 5.07 = $30.42
Use 6 $2 off ANY Olay ProX, Regenerist or Total Effects product Yellow HEB Coupon
- $10 (from catalina coupon)
- $10 Mail in rebate for purchasing $30 in Olay products (must be purchased by Dec 31st!)
=$1.58 Money Maker!!! YAY!!!

Please keep in mind this match ups and final prices are taking into consideration the $10 you will get back when you spend $30 in P&G items. Which is pretty much like getting $0.33 off for each dollar you spend.

If you think or find something else please let me know so I can add it to the list. Make sure to come back and show us your finds!!!

Enjoy and happy saving!!


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