SaSams Club Simply Right Diapers


As a mother of three, two of them in diapers I am in a constant search for quality diapers and as a avid couponer I am always looking for a good deal. So when I got a chance try SIMPLY RIGHT diapers I was happy and couldn’t wait.

The SIMPLY RIGHT diapers look really cute with the jungle design, they also have great stretchy panels and they are not too hard like cheap diapers tent to be or too soft. I originally accepted to try out the size 3 diapers because that is the size my son is wearing right now. My daughter wears size 4 and since she’s already getting potty trained I am not going a size up. Well…. The SIMPLY RIGHT diapers couldn’t have arrived at a better time, I had just ran out of my daughters diapers so i decided to try the one size too small SIMPLY RIGHT diapers, i hoped for the best and put her to bed. The next day to my surprise the diaper was obviously full but nothing leaked! she was completely dry. I think that was by far the best endurance test the diapers could’ve passed.
I also tried them out on my son, they fit him well and I noticed they have extra stretchy side panels and waist for a custom fit diaper and were very absorbent. The tabs attached and stayed in place while he wore them as the diapers have a 3-Point Soft Stretch System for a custom fit to help prevent leaks.

We go through a crazy amount of
baby wipes, the wipes we received were fragrance free and hypoallergenic and I love that since both my daughter and son have eczema, these wipes are great, extra strong and cottony-soft quilted texture for excellent cleaning without irritating and the new triple-thickness helps prevent wipes tearing and stretching.

Now you must be thinking ok great they work great but my current brand is great too what if I tell you SIMPLY RIGHT™ diapers are available at Sam’s Club and members saved up to $392/year purchasing these SIMPLY RIGHT™ baby products.
Just think of all the fun things you could you do with $392 in savings!! I know I would probably put it on our Disney fund :)

For a FREE sample of SIMPLY RIGHT™ diapers or wipes, visit today!

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of SIMPLY RIGHT™ Baby Care Products.

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