Frozen Party Series: Tutu-Rela Review

I am so excited to share with you guys one of my latest Etsy shop finds: Tutu-Rela Boutique. They make the most darling tutus and I just had to have some for my Frozen themed party/sleeover.

My daughter K seriously thinks she is a princess. And she shows it in the way she dances, the way talks, acts…even in the way she dresses. I am not a big fan of huge puffy dresses, specially in super humid and hot crazy Texas weather. So image my delight (and my daughters) when we found these gorgeous tutus?! Not only are they light and fresh but they can be added to any outfit to make any little girl feel like a princess. Can I say perfect for a birthday party?

I got the idea for the table setup online and I couldn’t wait to see the little girls faces when the saw them! Each little girl got a tutu from Tutu-Rela Boutique, made to order for each little girl. I can’t tell you how happy they were and how much they enjoyed dancing and playing in their tutus.


The tutus are made with white, purple, and turquoise tulle and decorated with blue ribbon and snowflakes. Tutus are handmade. No-Sew tutus are made with elastic waist. Itty Bitty and Extra Small tutus are made with crochet waist. Please specify elastic waist for these sizes.

Tutu-Rela is an adorable Etsy shop that makes all their tutus to order and they offer an array of colors, sizes and they have a super friendly and accommodating customer service. They also offer headbands, tutu totes and decorated hangers. They are super detailed with the sizing and want to make sure everything surpasses your expectations. Make sure to check out their shop HERE and follow them on Instagram

***Disclosure: I receive this product and/or compensation. Neither influenced my opinions, the review is based on my own experience and opinions.

New Cinderella Live Action Review

I first heard about the new live action Cinderella movie from the Christian Loubouitin ad. Honestly I was dumbfounded Cinderella has always been one of my favorite movies and although I was sure Disney would do it justice, I know we live in a completely different era than the one when the animated film came out. Also, a leap from animation into live action isn’t always smooth nor successful.

This week, I had the opportunity to see the live action version of Cinderella at an advanced press screening. I thought the re-telling of the classic fairy tale was done beautifully. I really appreciated the time spent on Ella’s background and the character development, specially the time spent getting to know her mother. The film did not shy away from the emotional turmoils in Cinderella’s childhood, and kept her mothers memory very much alive through her message to have courage and to be kind.

Lily James and Richard Madden are real life royalty, they are both immensely gorgeous and the dance sequence was magical and amazing. I was a bit wary about that specific scene since it’s so meaningful to the film but once again Disney has proven to they can make everything amazing!

Helena Bonham Carter is a beautiful and ever so clumsy fairy godmother and her rendition of Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo through the elegant orchestra score took me way back to my childhood, to a time when I though I was also a Disney princess. If you are curious about a bonus after the credits, there isn’t one; but I suggest hanging around for the credits to hear Helen Bonham Carter’s rendition of Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo which is also included on the soundtrack. Oh! and the new version of a Dream is a wish your heart makes is tear worthy. Perhaps I just have a strong bond to Cinderella 😉

Frozen Fever

I was super excited about the new short Frozen Fever! And let me tell you it did not disappoint. I am sure there will be a fair percentage of movie goers who are just headed out to see Cinderella for the new Frozen Fever short that is attached. It was super funny and in true Disney short fashion it delivered a lot more than expected. The new song, Making Today a Perfect Day, with Anna & Elsa was very cute and I’m sure will be a huge hit with little girls.


Disclamer: I was given free Press Passes to watch the film, I was not compensated to write the review or watch the movie. All opinions are my own.

Tomodachi Life Nintendo 3DS Available at Best Buy

Tomodachi Life Nintendo DS is a life simulation handheld video game where Mii characters live on an island and interact with each other. They get to live everyday lives and experience things like regular life, like making friends, falling in love, having kids, eating and having fun.

How to Play:

With Tomodachi Life, you will create Mii characters for your game. YOU CAN BE ANYONE!! From your alter ego to people you know or celebrities. It’s pretty neat and you enter their different personalities what they like to do, what they like to eat. You can even create different voices for each character. Then, you add your Mii charcters to your island. To quickly add more characters onto our island, you can choose to import Miis by scanning QR Codes created by other players. You can also share your own Miis with others.

Once you’ve added everyone on your island, you can start living your virtual life. Maybe you will want to get married and have kids. Or write a song and perform it on stage for all the other Mii characters. There is just so much to do in Tomodachi Life.

We all enjoyed playing this game! My kids had a ton of fun with the voice options as well as all the people they could play as. You can purchase Tomodachi Life at Best Buy

But you know me so here are some hot offers available at Best Buy:

From 8/29/2014 – 9/1/2014 (4 Day Labor Day; Online only) Save $30 on the Nintendo 2DS system – regularly $129.99 reduced to only $99.99
From 8/31/2014 (Online only) Save $5 on select 3DS games

Disclosure: The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free

Best Buy: Logitech Harmony Smart Keyboard Review

Logitech Keyboard and app image.jpg

My husband is really into gadges and new technologies, he’s always in the know about all the latest techie goodness. Our home entertainment system is no exeption! He’s always on the lookout for products that will make the whole home theater experience better. Needless to say there’s many things going on on our entertainment center; LCD TV, DirecTV DVR, DVD Player, XBox, Playstation, Wii and a laptop are always hooked up.

Logitech Keyboard and app image.jpg

You are probably picturing the mess and the insane amount of controllers and remotes. However, I still need a different remote to handle controlling each of those things. And don’t get me started with the pain it can be to browse Netflix or Youtube!

So when I was given the opportunity to review Logitech’s Harmony Keyboard it was a no brainer! We were sooooooooo excited and couldn’t wait to give it a go!

The Logitech Harmony Smart Keyboard lets you:

  • Control devices behind cabinet doors and walls
  • Control up to eight devices
  • Works with Apple TV, Roku and TiVo
  • Use your smartphone, with the Harmony smartphone app, to supplement keyboard controls with touch-screen gesture
Logitech Keyboard and app image.jpg

The Harmony Smart Keyboard delivers the full Harmony control experience for TV-connected Internet and home entertainment devices. It comes with everything that you need to get up and running. In addition to the keyboard, the kit includes the Harmony hub which is the brain of the system. It also includes 2 USB receivers which can be used in your non-Bluetooth enabled devices like your computer or television. It also includes an IR blaster, USB extender, and USB cable.

All you do is set up the hub so you can use the harmony keyboard and your smartphone to control all of the devices hooked up to your system. Setup was really easy (I supervised my IT guy ;)). To pair your devices all you do is enter in the manufacturer name and model name/number, that easy! All devices just clicks away, no more having to deal with those silly universal remotes that need to be redone every time the batteries die.

Harmony Hub controls devices behind cabinets or walls

  • IR, RF, USB, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi
  • Simple smartphone setup
  • Harmony App turns iOS & Android smartphones into personal universal remote

Logitech Keyboard and app image.jpg

My son is in love with the ability to easily type what he is looking for without issues. And if typing isn’t as exciting to you as it is to us the keyboard also has 3 keys where you can program activities. I set up the activities we use the most like Watch TV, Games and music. But the keyboard includes integrated DVR and set-top box controls, playback and volume buttons, and a touchpad for cursor control on a PC or Mac, and much more.

Right now through June 21 you can get the Logitech Harmony Smart Keyboard exclusively at Best Buy. The cost is $149.99. But I promised it will change your life!

Disclosure: The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free.

Posh Paper Parties Co Etsy Store Review

Continuing with reviews for the wonderful items we got for the Monster Bash……………..Next stop is PoshPaperPartiesCo, an amazing Etsy shop with an even more amazing mother/daughter duo behind it.

We got a highchair banner, did you know about this? and a party hat from them. The store owner, Flavia Andrews was wonderful! She asked me about the colors and theme of the party and even sent me drafts of the template she would use to make my items.

Everything was perfectly coordinated and customized to my son’s name and party. Look at how gorgeous this banner is!  The colors where vibrant and went perfectly with the party.

Each scalloped circle measures 5″, our banner had 6 of them. It fit perfectly around the highchair.
My son’s name Gael,the words “Is One!” and images were printed in high resolution, mounted on high quality cardstock and strung with fabric ribbon. All in the coordinated colors. 

Now take a look at this gorgeous party hat! Isn’t precious?

Made out cardstock with fabric ribbon trim and ties. Die cut number one and scalloped monster embellishment and soft pom-poms at the top.
Hat measures 7″ tall and 4.25″ wide. It “sits” on top of baby’s head. Ribbon ties measure 13″ long each.

There was no monster themed party hats at PoshPaperPartiesCo but Flavia was so wonderful and accommodating that she made this one specially for my son. That not only shows how talented she is but also how important she takes all her customers.

Make sure to check out their shop HERE and follow them on Facebook and Twitter.





You’re Invited Decor Etsy Store Review

You guys already saw my post about the awesome bundtinis we served for my little monster’s party and now I’m going to tell you all about the gorgeous little monster toppers we got from the YoureInvitedDecor Etsy Store, and also the awesome banner they made for us. I can’t tell you enough how lucky I am to be able to work with so many wonderful ladies and help them spread the word about their lovely Etsy Shops.

We received 40 adorable cupcake toppers in 3 patterns and gorgeous bright colors, this monsters were adorable! Made with super strong carstock and glued to sticks with hot glue. They went on top of our little bundtinis from Nothing Bundt Cakes. Don’t they look adorable? They kids went crazy for them and were choosing the little cakes not by the flavors but by the monster on top.

We also received this gorgeous banner, which was personalized with my son’s name and three different kinds of monsters all made with very nice thick scalloped cardstock in the party colors with adorable googly eyes, all hanging together with shimmery ribbon. I now have the name banner hanging on my son’s room and it looks adorable 🙂
You’re Invited Decor is really cute Etsy Store that specializes in birthday, baby shower, wedding shower,anniversary, and all special event decorations. Also, they do home decor. They love custom orders and enjoy creating for their customers. Make sure to check out their shop HERE and follow them on Facebook.

Austin Moonwalks Review

A party is not a party without some entertainment! And for our little monster party we had some awesome stuff from Austin Moonwalks. Guests got to bounce around on really cool castle moonwalk and they enjoyed some great cotton candy.

Austin Moonwalks offers free delivery and setup to a limited delivery area, there’s a small delivery fee for some outlying zip codes. A very nice guy came to our party, explained how to care for the items, how use make the cotton candy and went over all the guidelines with me. He also set everything up so we didn’t have to worry about anything!

The kids literally jumped throughout the entire party, they just couldn’t get enough of it! We chose the King Castle moonwalk you can see it HERE. This one rents for $139 and it was super clean no weird smells like some moonwalk can have.


We had a huge line when we started making the cotton candy. It was really easy to make and everyone enjoyed it greatly! There’s just something special about cotton candy. I think both my husband and I were more excited then the kids!  😆 This one rents for $75 and comes with two huge containers of sugar, we had plenty to go around and still had some left over. You can check it out HERE.

Once the party ended he came back to pick up all the items. We didn’t even have to clean the cotton candy machine which was soooooo much fun but I was very glad I didn’t have to clean it!

Thank you so much for making my little monster’s birthday party extra special and keeping our guests very entertained. Make sure to follow Austin Moonwalks on Facebook and check out all the deals they have.

Cadabra’s Crafts Review

I had the amazing opportunity to work with the with a group of awesome Etsy shops for my sons first birthday monster party. One of shops is Cadabra’s Crafts. The shops owner Abra was not only extremely friendly and helpful as we planned what I needed dot the party but kept communicating with me in every step of the way. We got the table centers and the goodie bag clippers from her shop and they wee gorgeous!!!!20140102-001129.jpg

We got 10 center pieces and Abra was kind enough to work with us and make the monsters in the party’s color scheme. Each centerpiece had 5 monsters in picks and comes with a tin bucket with handles and has a burlap square on the front with the word MONSTERS attached. A foam disk is inserted in the bottom for the pieces to stick into. They were super easy to ensemble, they came with instructions and everything I needed to make them look amazing! Our guests were thrilled to take this home with them 🙂

20140102-001142.jpgAre you looking at all those vibrant colors? Abra was so nice and really nailed the colors and theme of the party. The cardstock is of great quality and you can tell they were made with tons of care and love. I couldn’t have asked for better decorations! Everyone at the party was fascinated with the detailed work and how gorgeous the table centers were. As you can see on the pictures they are made with carefully cut layers of carstock and attached to the stick with hot glue so there’s no coming off.


*Cadabra Crafts specializes in custom party supplies such as celebration banners, party favors and word / letter albums. They also have a variety of other handmade crafts. Each item is hand crafted with the proper time and care to make sure you have a one of a kind quality product you will love. She also does custom orders. Make sure to check out her shop HERE20140102-001222.jpg

Nothing Bundt Cake Review

My son’s little monster party was a complete success!!! One of the main things that made that possible was the amazing cake we got from Nothing Bundt Cakes. We tried all their flavors and I most say they were all delicious!!


We got the stacked cake decorated with a little box and candle, it’s called “Delicious Wishes”. They offer many different decorations for all occasions. You can go see them HERE.


Their bundtinis are the cutest things ever! These are their cupcake size little bundt cakes we got them in many flavors and I was impressed of how moist and delicious every single flavor was. We decorated them with the little monster toppers we got from the YoureInvitedDecor Etsy Store. All the guests were really excited about them and loved trying all the flavors.

20131204-111110.jpgMy little monster got his own “smash cake” Nothing Bundt cakes offers the perfect size for this. Their Bundlets are the greatest, it’s perfect for first birthdays or to share with a loved one. But of course you can just eat it all by yourself 😉 I know I could!


All and all the party was beautiful, the food was great and I discovered this wonderful new place for cakes. Nothing Bundt Cakes offers bundtinis, bundlets, stacked bundt cakes and bundtlet towers, they are perfect for any occasion or just because. They have many flavors including: white chocolate, Chocolate chocolate chip, marble, white chocolate raspberry, pecan praline, lemon, red velvet, cinnamon and carrot. And their Holiday flavor is Gingerbread!! I can’t wait to try it!

Thank you so much for the wonderful cakes! You guys just got a new fan! Nothing Bundt cakes is located in 2785 Bee Cave Rd. Suite 333, Austin, TX 78746. Go check them out and let us know what you think ;)


Review: 2LittleHootsBoutique Etsy Shop Custom Tshirt

One of our Birthday Bash sponsors was 2LittleHootsBoutique a gorgeous Etsy shop that offers custom embroidered t shirts. I fell in love with them as soon as I saw them and I was thrilled to review one.


Gael got the little monster t shirt, which is an adorable turquoise monster with my son’s name and age. He looked sooooooooooo handsome in it! The fabric was soft and unlike most of the custom shirts I had seen it wasn’t rough on the inside.

My son and I loved it so much he’s been wearing it a lot lately and every single time he gets lots of compliments and I get ask where I got it. The quality is exceptional and you can tell it was made with lots of love and care.


2LittleHootsBoutique was kind enough to offer us a t shirt to giveaway to our readers. So make sure to stay tuned for the details!  This would be an amazing addition to your child’s birhtday celebration.

Misfit +Shine Elegant Wearable Tracker

I was chosen to review a Misfit Shine! This is an awesome and slick tracker that records all your activities, calories and even your sleep! I can’t wait to start tracking, I’m sure this will really help me start a healthier life. Once you are mindful of what goes into your body and the amount of calories burn it is easier to stay on track and set realistic goals.

Shine Features:
•Activity Tracking
•Steps, •Activities: Swimming, Biking, Tennis, etc.,
•Clock, •Waterproof,
•Extra Accessories (includes Magnet clip),
•Leather Bands,
•Sport band,

Shine is a gorgeous device that will empower people to be more proactive about their personal health.  Shine is an elegant activity monitor that you can wear anywhere. It was designed to inspire people to become more active, and encourage people to set goals for how much they want to move in a day and complete them. Wear it with different accessories available (clasp, sport band, leather band, necklace) for different wearing locations and to different occasions (formal, business, casual, sleeping, swimming).

Width 27.5mm x Depth 3.3mm x Height 27.5mm with a weight of 9.4g. The device runs on a coin cell battery which lasts about 4 months. Shine is exclusively available in additional colors at Best Buy including Silver, Black, Champagne and Topaz.

Disclaimer: The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free.

Ford Cares Warrior in Pink Review


The fight against breast cancer is very dear to me. My aunt is a survivor and my mom and her other two sisters have all had scares with it, which makes me VERY high risk. When I got the chance to partner up with Ford Cares to spread the word on their efforts to raise awareness and contribute to finding a cure, I was ecstatic!

I received a tote bag, a T-shirt, a pair of yoga pants and a scarf to review and share my thoughts with you guys and I was amazed by the quality of each item!

I loved the T-shirt and I wore it the day after I received it. The pink color is beautiful and it has a word “warrior” on the side. I am a sucker for v necks and this one is my new favorite 🙂 I love how comfortable it is and the design on the side is beautiful and I’ve already had many people complimenting it.

It pairs beautifully with the yoga pants which are blue with a colorful pink band on the waist and the words “warrior in pink” on the bottom of the left leg. I love yoga pants and these are super comfy and made my butt love great! 😉

The tote is our new family pool bag, it’s big enough to fit everyone’s towels and pool accessories. The design is gorgeous and it’s my favorite item from all the things I received. It’s even lined with pink “warrior” silk. It is sturdy and I’m sure will last a very long time. It also has a zipper which makes it that much better.

The scarf is so beautiful my mom stole it from me! I know it sounds like a joke but its true. As soon as she saw it I knew I wasn’t getting it back, so I just asked her to model for me so I could take a picture. It is really pretty I don’t blame her and on her defense it looks a lot better on her. The fabric is great, it feels light and its super wide so it’s almost like a cover up. The “warrior” design is very subtle which makes it a great accessory.

Thank you so much to Ford cares for sending me this beautiful items, it’s feels great to be able to help raise awareness for breast cancer.

Did I mention that 100% of the proceeds from all sales is dedicated to donations going to charities that offer a wide-range of support. Ford is so committed to the cause that it has dedicated more than $115 million to it. To get your own Warriors in Pink/Ford Cares items to help on the fight make sure to go HERE. Then come back and let me know what you got ;).

Diamond Nexus Review and Giveaway!

Diamonds are a girls best friend (or so they say!) I just think girls like sparkly things that make us feel pretty and this frugal girl has some issues with not only the cost of real diamonds but the cruelty and ethics of mined diamonds. But to my surprise there’s an awesome company that shares my view and create the most stunning lab created pieces………..enter Diamond Nexus!

I got the the Mia earrings, which are these gorgeous dangling stimulant drops on stud encrusted fish hooks. The center stone is 1.03 carats and the total weight is 2.11 carats. There are set on Lorián Platinum which is brilliant and lightweight. Needless to say I am in love! I have very delicate ears and I can’t even wear silver for too long, I wore these the entire weekend and they felt perfect.

You can find everything from jaw dropping engagement rings to always in stud earrings and customized them by picking size, style, setting and choice of 14K yellow gold, white gold and platinum. This last option is the greatest to me, most places that offer lab created gems usually set them on non precious metals. Diamond Nexus stones are tough and last just as long as mined diamonds. Their quality is amazing and NO ONE will be able to tell they are not real diamonds, not even a jeweler could tell the difference. Can you?

Their amazing guarantee promises worry free shopping, here are their 3 main guarantees:

  • Inspect, enjoy, and wear your Diamond Nexus jewelry for 30 days. If you are not thoroughly satisfied, even elated, will be cheerfully refunded.
  • If a Diamond Nexus ever fades, discolors, or becomes damaged, (which it won’t!) a free replacement will be granted.
  • If a Diamond Nexus stone is ever lost from its setting, they will replace it with only a nominal re-mounting charge. No insurance required!

Did I mention that Diamond Nexus has been the creator of the Miss Universe and Miss USA crowns for many years? Yeah, I know! You can find Diamond Nexus HERE, make sure to like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter.

Now for what you guys have been waiting for, one lucky Austin Couponing fan will win a pair of Round cut Studs, tension back/basket set on 14k gold. These would be the perfect complement to any outfit, so gorgeous and I am so jealous 😉 All you have to do is enter below.

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***Disclosure: I receive this product and/or compensation. Neither influenced my opinions, the review is based on my own experience and opinions.

Angry Birds Star Wars Millenium Falcon Bounce Game Review & Giveaway!

Like I’ve told you before my entire family loves Star Wars and now my son is obsessed with anything angry birds, so you can image how how feels about Angry Birds Star Wars! Were received a Star Wars in the Millennium Falcon Bounce Game! Bounce in to help the Rebels escape and win! Can you knock the “enemies” off the Millennium Falcon and bounce the Rebel heroes into the cockpit. Launch your balls at the table and bounce them at the target (it may or may not have reminded me of beer pong, just saying!) You get points for every ball you score in the center target, every pig you knock off, and every ball you land in the cockpit. It’s so much fun!

We also reviewed the Angry Birds Star Wars Foam Flyers Storm Trooper Pig Flyer. Classic Star Wars characters get a brand-new Angry Birds twist with the Foam Flyers! And since my daughter is always Princess Leah, my son had to attack her with it. All in good Angry Birds fun!

We all loved it and it arrived just in time for our family game night. This game was a whole adventure on to itself to put together, my kids and I love to assemble things so we had lots of fun with that part too. It comes with stickers to make the box part of the game which made it that much cooler! I would recommend this games to anyone for birthday gifts or any other occasion as they provide entertainment for not only the kids but the entire family.

Now for the fun part, we also got one each of the Angry Birds Star Wars Millenium Falcon Bounce Game and the Angry Birds Foam Flyer. Make sure to enter below! Good Luck and may the force be with you! 😉

***Disclosure: I did receive this product and/or compensation. Neither influenced my opinions, the review is based on my children and my own opinions. 

SaSams Club Simply Right Diapers


As a mother of three, two of them in diapers I am in a constant search for quality diapers and as a avid couponer I am always looking for a good deal. So when I got a chance try SIMPLY RIGHT diapers I was happy and couldn’t wait.

The SIMPLY RIGHT diapers look really cute with the jungle design, they also have great stretchy panels and they are not too hard like cheap diapers tent to be or too soft. I originally accepted to try out the size 3 diapers because that is the size my son is wearing right now. My daughter wears size 4 and since she’s already getting potty trained I am not going a size up. Well…. The SIMPLY RIGHT diapers couldn’t have arrived at a better time, I had just ran out of my daughters diapers so i decided to try the one size too small SIMPLY RIGHT diapers, i hoped for the best and put her to bed. The next day to my surprise the diaper was obviously full but nothing leaked! she was completely dry. I think that was by far the best endurance test the diapers could’ve passed.
I also tried them out on my son, they fit him well and I noticed they have extra stretchy side panels and waist for a custom fit diaper and were very absorbent. The tabs attached and stayed in place while he wore them as the diapers have a 3-Point Soft Stretch System for a custom fit to help prevent leaks.

We go through a crazy amount of
baby wipes, the wipes we received were fragrance free and hypoallergenic and I love that since both my daughter and son have eczema, these wipes are great, extra strong and cottony-soft quilted texture for excellent cleaning without irritating and the new triple-thickness helps prevent wipes tearing and stretching.

Now you must be thinking ok great they work great but my current brand is great too what if I tell you SIMPLY RIGHT™ diapers are available at Sam’s Club and members saved up to $392/year purchasing these SIMPLY RIGHT™ baby products.
Just think of all the fun things you could you do with $392 in savings!! I know I would probably put it on our Disney fund 🙂

For a FREE sample of SIMPLY RIGHT™ diapers or wipes, visit today!

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of SIMPLY RIGHT™ Baby Care Products.

Medela Calma Bottle Review Update

I posted a review for the Medela Calma Bottle HERE, before my son was born with all it’s awesome features. Well now that my son is here I can give you a good update on how he likes it. Let me start by saying that I am a fully breastfeeding mom, so it’s always kinda tricky to get my kids to take a bottle, plus I don’t want them to get used to using one anyways. Medela is an amazing company with many many years of experience in breastfeeding and infants. So, who better to trust to make a great bottle?

The bottle’s design has the same effect of a breast, with hopes to help mothers have an easier transition from breast to bottle with little to no confusion (exactly what I need). First, the nipple is VERY interesting looking and very different from the usual nipples. It creates a vacuum and only works if the baby sucks like he does on the nipple so it is not as easy as regular bottles.  I have a Medela pump, so I happen to have tons of their bottles, so the main thing I loved was that the cap and nipple fit on those bottles which is awesome! Less things to wash and as a mommy of 3 that’s a HUGE PLUS! My son seemed to like it, we usually struggle quite a bit with bottles, like I said before we don’t use them often but when I need to he usually fiddles with the nipple and now that he is teething he even bites it which is not what he usually does while nursing. I also notice he didn’t have any colic after which is also one of the things I dislike the most about bottle feeding him.

The nipple came apart very easily which made it a breeze to wash and it doesn’t have any of those tiny tiny pieces that are so hard to clean. It does have a few more pieces but they are a good size. The 5 oz are a great size and he even likes holding it himself. Overall this is a wonderful product and I will make sure to recommend the Medela Calma bottle to any nursing moms to avoid nipple/bottle confusion. Once again, I have fallen in love with Medela!

Virtual Baby Shower Week 4 Giveaways!!!

Our Virtual Baby Shower Event has come to it’s last cycle with more awesome giveaways! This week we have over $750 worth of prizes some some awesome sponsors! Make sure to enter and share with everyone you know!

Baby Gourmet is giving away a 12 pack ($50 Value) Check out my review HERE.

Daddy Scrubs is giving away on of their awesome Daddy Scrubs ($45 Value). Check out my review HERE.

Ella’s Kitchen is giving away a 10 pouches ($25 Value) Check out my review HERE.

Fashion Forward is giving away a FREE rental of your choice ($24 Value) Check out my review HERE.

Minky Couture is giving away one of their supper soft minky blankets ($65 Value) winner gets to choose if they want a boy or girl blanket. Check out my review HERE.

Rocking Baby is giving away one of their HERO Slings, just like the ones they donate to moms in need ($80 Value). Check out my review HERE.

Similac is giving away a 8 oz bottle, a 4 oz bottle, a powder cap and some coupons to 3 winners!! ($40 Total Value). Check out my review HERE.

Belly Bar is giving away a Belly Bar Prenatal + DHA Chocolates Box ($25 Value) Check out my review HERE.

Bump is giving away a Maroc Top  ($65 Value) Check out my review HERE.

Dria Cover is giving away a Dria Cover in the winners choice of pattern ($80 Value) Check out my review HERE.

Happy Baby is giving away a set of Kids snacks ($25 Value) Check out my review HERE.

Juppy is giving away a Juppy Baby Walker ($37 Value) Check out my review HERE.

The Lua is giving away one of their Lua Car seat covers, winner gets to choose the pattern ($65 Value) Check out my review HERE.

Monkey Mat is giving away one of their awesome Mats ($40 Value) Check out my review HERE.

To enter to win one of this awesome prizes make sure to fill out the Rafflecopter below. Good Luck, thank you so much for attending our Virtual Baby Shower!!

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Similac Simply Smart Bottles Review & Giveaway!!!

My two other kids were breastfed only, and I still pumped and bottle fed them but I have no experience with formula. So I ask my friend to help me review the new Similac Simply Smart Bottles. She was really excited!

This product is really awesome design. The shaped nipple makes it easier to switch from breastfeeding to bottle feeding. The easy mix is a great idea when you are formula feeding plus the on the go powder cap is perfect for a busy moms.

They also feature an open design which allows for easy cleaning, even with the mixer piece. It was easy to remove for cleaning.

The only thing I can complaint about is that it doesn’t help much with the colic and bubbles, the mixer attachments only makes more bubbles. If you have a baby without colic issues than this bottle is perfect for you!

You can find Similac on their websiteFacebook and Twitter. Also, for a chance to win your own 8 oz bottle, 4 oz bottle, dispenser cap and some coupons (3 winners will be chosen)  make sure you enter the giveaway. Good Luck and thanks for reading!

Disclaimer: I received the products and/or compensation in exchange for a honest review. I only recommend products I HONESTLY liked and I try to point out what I don’t. 

Monkey Mat Review & Giveaway!!!

I was so excited to share with all of you my experience with Monkey Mat! I had the chance to review it and it was a hit in our household! The Monkey Mat is an awesome, portable mat with weights in each corner and little loops in the center for toys. Oh! and it is a local company! 🙂

It comes with a zippered pouch connected to the mat, so it folds easily and compactly into the pouch and into your diaper bag or purse. Our will probably stay in the car for a while until our son comes. Then we will probably use it as a floor mat with toys for him, awesome idea for tummy time!

We are always on the go and tend to have unexpected picnics and outdoorsy getaways once in a while, we always need a mat or blanket since both my daughter and I have very sensitive skin and we break out if we sit directly on the grass. So this mat is perfect for that! No more bumpy bumps or itchy skin!

Each corner has weights to keep the mat down if it’s windy,  the fabric is super light and without the weights it would probably just fly away. It also has some loops which can be use with rods or sticks for more security. It is also pretty big measuring at 5′ x 5′ it offers plenty of space and it is waterproof.

It is also Machine Washable so you can just toss it in the wash after your picnic and it’ll be back to normal in no time for your next adventure. Monkey Mats come in 4 different colors: green, blue, pink and orange and they retail for $39.99. To get your own Monkey Mat make sure to go HERE.

You can find Monkey Mats on their websiteFacebook and Twitter. Also, for a chance to win your own Monkey Mat make sure you enter the giveaway. Good Luck and thanks for reading!

Disclaimer: I received the products and/or compensation in exchange for a honest review. I only recommend products I HONESTLY liked and I try to point out what I don’t. 

Lua Cover Review & Giveaway!!!

Baby Gael will be born in November when it starts getting cold so I am very thankful I will have some covers for his carseat. I was really excited to give the Lua a try. We received the Lua in a brown with dots pattern, which I don’t see on their website. But it’s nice!

The Lua Cover is very easy to use, just throw it over the car seat and you have instant protection from the sun, rain, wind, snow, and all those people with dirty hands that think it’s ok to touch your baby. The Lua is so much better than the blankets people usually use to cover their babies, they don’t fall, drag and the Lua has a whole at the top to make sure you have a good grip on the car seat.

The hole on the top also allows you to look in and check on the baby. This one also has many purposes and when it’s time to nurse your baby,  you can just slip it over your head and use it as a nursing cover. They come in many different patterns for you to choose from and the fabric is light and breathable. It is also machine washable which is the best feature a baby product can have in my opinion. Not to mention it can be used as a shopping cart & highchair cover!!

Here are some more reasons to love The Lua:

  • Made in the USA with designer fabrics!
  • One of a kind design allowing you to carry your baby safely & securely
  • Convenient throw and go design for the mom on the run
  • Unique elastic opening allows you to “peek” in on your baby
  • Ultimate privacy~ keeps on-lookers at a distance
  • The Lua has many uses; car seat, nursing, shopping cart & highchair cover!
  • Makes the perfect baby shower gift!

You can find Lua Cover on their websiteFacebook and Twitter. Also, for a chance to win your own Lua Cover in your choice of pattern make sure you enter the giveaway. Good Luck and thanks for reading!

Disclaimer: I received the products and/or compensation in exchange for a honest review. I only recommend products I HONESTLY liked and I try to point out what I don’t.