Austin Moonwalks Review

A party is not a party without some entertainment! And for our little monster party we had some awesome stuff from Austin Moonwalks. Guests got to bounce around on really cool castle moonwalk and they enjoyed some great cotton candy.

Austin Moonwalks offers free delivery and setup to a limited delivery area, there’s a small delivery fee for some outlying zip codes. A very nice guy came to our party, explained how to care for the items, how use make the cotton candy and went over all the guidelines with me. He also set everything up so we didn’t have to worry about anything!

The kids literally jumped throughout the entire party, they just couldn’t get enough of it! We chose the King Castle moonwalk you can see it HERE. This one rents for $139 and it was super clean no weird smells like some moonwalk can have.


We had a huge line when we started making the cotton candy. It was really easy to make and everyone enjoyed it greatly! There’s just something special about cotton candy. I think both my husband and I were more excited then the kids!  :lol: This one rents for $75 and comes with two huge containers of sugar, we had plenty to go around and still had some left over. You can check it out HERE.

Once the party ended he came back to pick up all the items. We didn’t even have to clean the cotton candy machine which was soooooo much fun but I was very glad I didn’t have to clean it!

Thank you so much for making my little monster’s birthday party extra special and keeping our guests very entertained. Make sure to follow Austin Moonwalks on Facebook and check out all the deals they have.

Father’s Day Crafty Candy Bar Large Card + More!

Get crafty with your children & make a “edible” card… The card above is a “just because” card… However these make great fathers day, get well soon, & holiday cards! I would suggest picking a extra candy bar for the kids to nibble on while you make this kind of card for your loved ones!

The card Says:

Dad, we were going to give you a whopping 100 grand. But the money slipped right through our butterfingers. We didn’t have a whatchamacalit to sell & it wasn’t payday.  We didn’t think a pet kitkat , a trip to New York, or an orbit around the Milky Way would be appropriate. We do want to wish you mounds of Almond Joy both now & later as you eat this card. We hope it doesn’t make you Rolover & get sick. If it does we promise not to snicker!
Love always your

I used a Foam poster board
Double sided tape
& the candy bars listed above!

Here is also a list of cute little saying you can add to your candy giving! 

“Much & Many Thanks for all you do!”
“Inside your candy shell, You are awfully sweet!
Give Peanut M&M’s and a note saying, “You are anything but Plain!”

100 Grand:
“Your kindness is worth a 100 Grand!”
“We wouldn’t trade you for a 100 Grand!”
“You are worth a 100 Grand to us!”
“Your service is worth a 100 Grand, we sure are grateful you gave us a hand!”

Take 5:
“You worked so hard, Take 5″
”We wanted to Take 5, and let you know we appreciate you!”
”Take 5, You deserve a break!”
“Take 5 and count your blessings!”

Reeses Pieces:
“We just love you to Pieces!”
”With out your help we would have fallen to Pieces!”
“You were just the Piece we were missing!”
”Thanks for teaching my kids the missing Pieces this year!”
“You are each an important Piece to our Family!”
“You are an important Piece to our Team!”

Milky Way:
“You are the brightest star in the Milky Way!”
“You are Out of this World”
“Your smile shines brighter than the Milky Way!”
“Good Luck! Go out and ride the Milky Way and reach for the Stars!”

$1/2 Fun Size NESTLE Candy + Other New Candy Coupons!

These great coupons are still available so be sure to print them for all that Halloween candy!  

Hurry over to print these HOT new coupons that were just released! These are great new coupons to pair with the Halloween candy sales that we’ll be seeing soon! I’d suggest printing them now and holding onto them until these sales pop up soon….I didn’t have to pay for any candy last year because of coupons like these!!