Car seat Canopy Whole Caboodle Review & Giveaway!!!

Here’s another awesome product I would’ve loved with my other two kids but I didn’t even know existed!!! infant carseat covers, I was a little puzzled with the idea but now I’m in love with it!!! I was given the Car seat Canopy whole Caboodle in the Knott pattern. Here are some reasons why these covers are awesome:

  • Let’s say you are not a first time mom or someone is letting you borrow their car sear, well if you don’t like the pattern, you’re having a different gender this time or if it just looks old you can cover it, and you won’t have to buy a new one.
  • You get great protection from the weather. When it’s sunny your baby doesn’t have to have the sun on his eyes, or if it’s cold and windy. I used a blanket to cover both of my kids when they were little and it is just dangerous you don’t have a good grip on the car seat, not to mention is falls off and usually doesn’t fit right.
  • It comes in super soft Minky fabric and with all the matching parts.
  • You can buy more than one pattern and switch them around!

I received the whole caboodle to review and I liked all the pieces and they were all easy to put on the car seat. The Minky Slip Cover is super soft, The Minky Head Support Pillow is awesome, both of my kids used something similar to this when they were little so it’s great to have on that matches everything else perfectly! If you are not familiar with these they help your baby’s head stay supported and in a comfortable position. The Baby Lap Blanket also with Minky is soft and I know I will be using it a lot this winter. I love the size, I hate how you are always dragging the regular size ones on the floor. The Replacement Umbrella with Minky Lining is the finishing touch for a complete change, It is a good size but smaller than the one my Britax Chaperone came with. It also comes with a Car Seat Canopy with Minky Interior and 100% Cotton, again I love the soft minky and I am excited to use it since my baby will be born in Winter, but it might be a little hot for summer babies (at least here in Texas).

If you missed any of that the Whole Caboodle is a complete matching set of all five Carseat Canopy™ products! here’s what it comes with:

  • Minky Slip Cover
  • Minky Head Support Pillow
  • Baby Lap Blanket with Minky Underside
  • Replacement Umbrella with Minky Lining
  • Car Seat Canopy with Minky Interior and 100% Cotton Outer
I can’t wait for Gael to come to try everything out! I am sure everyone will love it and it is going to be super useful in this windy and cold weather.

You can find Carseat Canopy on their websiteFacebook and Pinterest. Also, for a chance to win your own Whole Caboodle make sure you enter the giveaway. If you can’t wait and want to buy one of these make sure to go HERE. The Carseat Canopy Whole Caboodle retails for $79.95 and comes in many patterns and colors. Good Luck and thanks for reading!

Disclaimer: I received the products and/or compensation in exchange for a honest review. I only recommend products I HONESTLY liked and I try to point out what I don’t. 

Baby Freebie List! Guest post from Frugal Washington Mommy!

This list is a guest post from Frugal Washington Mommy. Make sure you check out her page HERE and like her on Facebook HERE.

1.  5.95 in shipping costs. You can order both sample packs, just don’t forget to cancel the subscription before 7 days.
     2. sign up for their programs, they have a TON of freebies and send you samples of formula and checks for formula every month. I get coupons in my email every month from them too
      3. same thing as emfamil they send you a bunch of full size samples and then checks for $5.00 off every month, they send coupons every so often too.(third trimester they sent me 3 full size formula packs and a bottle)
     4. get your baby registry done, take a copy to the front desk and they will give you a goodie bag full of awesome stuff for mommy and baby. They also usually      have over $100 in coupons too.
  1. Go to sevenslings.comClick on “Shop Now” and select any baby carrier you like, be sure to visit our sizing page. Once you have made your selection, you’ll automatically be directed to the shopping bag. Enter the code “mommy2012″ and has agreed to deduct 100% of the cost of the carrier – all you pay is the shipping fees!
  2. Go to carseatcanopy.comClick on “Shop Now” and select any Carseat Canopy you like. Once you have made your selection, you’ll automatically be directed to the shopping bag. Enter the code “mommy12″ and has agreed to deduct 100% of the cost of the canopy – all you pay is the shipping fees!
  3. Pampers gifts to grow codes
  • 10 Points: WELCOME2VILLAGE
  • 10 Points: 10ptsfreecode4u
  • 50 Points: JOINNOW4REWARDS
  • 50 Points: GIFTSTOGROW4MOM
  • 10 Points: GTGWELCOME10PTS
  • 10 Points: CONGRATS2NEWMOM
  • 10 Points: WELCOMEGTGPTS10
  • 50 points: 2BEGINEARNING50
  • 10 Points: FBMLKKU4RPP6P12
9. 3 free gifts for learning sign language with baby


out of stock right now but will have more later

11. there are a bunch of freebies and coupons
12. coupons and freebies sent to your house
13. tons of freebies. (if you join please put my email in as a referral?
15. diapers are cheaper, they have coupons all the time and ship right to your door.
19. kraft offers to try new products

20. you have to request it

22. free goodie bag with registry (only if there is one near you.)
23. Motherhood maternity sign up for their discount card in store and get a goodie bag full of samples and coupons