FREE Lego Mini Nutcracker Model (Kids Build At Store)

The first Tuesday of every month, so today, kids ages 6-14 can build a fun little mini model. They also get to take it home with them for FREE!

Tonight’s freebie is a LEGO Mini Nutcracker Model! You may want to call your store to verify but they usually start at 5pm.

For my local readers, the only Lego store we have in Austin is at the Barton Creek Mall.

Reminder~Lego Stores: Build & Keep a Lego Scarecrow

This is one of those things my son goes nuts over! Lego offer a free Build & Keep the first Tuesday of every month. It’s called a Monthly Mini Model Build. It is really cool and this are exclusive kits you can buy anywhere else!

The Mini Model Build starts at 5 pm 9/6. Get there as early as possible the line can get a little crazy! But its always worth it!

We only have one Lego store in Austin at the Barton Creek Mall

If you are not from Austin, find your local store Here