Chick-Fil-A: FREE Chicken Sandwich (Teachers ONLY)

Today it’s Teacher Appreciation day and all you teachers out there can get FREE Chicken Sandwich at participating Chick-Fil-A restaurants with a valid teacher ID.

You may want to call ahead to make sure your store is participating.

Chipotle: Buy One Burrito, Bowl, Salad, or Tacos and Get One FREE! (Teachers, Today Only)

Are you a teacher? If so you can head to Chipotle and Buy One Burrito, Bowl, Salad, or Tacos and Get one FREE! This is valid today (5/7) from 4pm until close only.

You will need to bring in a faculty ID to get yours.

Pinecone Reasearch accepting new members!


Pinecone Research conducts on-line interviews with representatives from all walks of life to gain feedback about new products.

  • To become a panel member, complete the simple form. It only takes a few minutes…
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You’ll be automatically entered into a bi-weekly Sweepstakes–to win additional cash prizes. Each interview usually takes 15-20 minutes. Plus, you are free to leave the panel at any time.

If you complete the online signup form, align with the target(s), and are eligible for membership–you’ll immediately receive an email invitation containing a link, ID and password to complete the full registration process. The link takes them to a brief “staging” survey (it’ll take you ~ 6 minutes). You’ll provide further information about yourself and your household. You’ll also have the opportunity to read (and agree to) the terms and conditions for panel membership.

It’s as simple as that…


Pregnancy Tip: What to pack for the hospital

I’ve seen many many lists and hear many many opinions. Let me start by saying that no two moms are the same and what works for me might not work for you. The intention of this lists and all pregnancy and mommy tips is to give you some help and ideas on what might be needed.

This is my third pregnancy and when I packed my first hospital bag for my son’s delivery, it had everything but the kitchen sink!  😛 This is a very common mistake many first time moms make. After you read 300 different lists you end up packing lots of extra unnecessary things. So I am going to share 4 lists with you today: What to pack mommy, what to pack for baby, what to pack for your support person and what NOT to pack.

What to pack for You

  1. Insurance Information, hospital forms, ID: If you are anything like me you are already registered, the hospital already knows you and everyone has your information. But you should take it anyways. Most of us don’t know our insurance numbers by memory and there’s so many other things they might ask. I made sure I double checked this on my new Carry it all wristlet Vera Bradley sent me. I also keep all important papers in a plastic folder.
  2. Toiletries: Shampoo, conditioner, lotion, facial wipes (I find this to be so much easier than facial soap, and they are amazing right after delivery when you can’t take a shower but feel sweaty and nasty) toothbrush, toothpaste, mouth wash, lip balm, hair ties and head bands, glasses, contact case and solution.
  3. Nonslip socks or slippers: Your feet will be cold and the hospital floor is too, this are great for getting up to go to the bathroom. If you prefer you can also take flip flops.
  4. Pajamas, Nightgown or Robe: If you are allowed to walk around during labor a robe is super handy if you are birthing in the hospital gowns which are not very discreet. Many people say to take old pajamas you don’t mind staining, I’ve delivered twice and I’ve never gotten my pajamas dirty. Plus new nice pjs make you feel better 🙂 If you are planning to breastfeed make sure the one you choose opens on the front. I am packing my new Japanese Weekend Set, which is nursing friendly and sooo comfy!
  5. Hospital Gown: This is a very personal choice, I HATE hospital gowns and both of my labors were long and the gowns they put you on at the hospital are not only completely open on the back so the world can see your behind but are also faded and ugly. I was lucky enough to get a fabulous hospital gown from Mod Mum, it is gorgeous and I promise you it makes a huge difference in pictures and the way you feel.
  6. Nursing Bra and Pads: Don’t go crazy here, just one bra or tank if you are planning to breastfeed and no more than a couple pads. Your milk more than likely doesn’t come in until you leave the hospital. I’ve never used any at the hospital.
  7. Underwear: Trust me, the hospital undies are by far the most comfortables one you’ll find, so take only a couple pairs of “granny panties” to go home in. I actually know quite a few people that leave the hospital on their mesh hospital undies.
  8. Going Home outfit: Keep this one simple and comfortable. If you had a c-section make sure they are extra loose on the belly.
  9. Cellphone, Camera, Camcorder and Laptop: Make sure to pack the respective chargers and batteries and designate someone to snap the pictures. If you are anything like me, you’ll be blogging or checking online after the baby is born 🙂
  10. Pillow: I didn’t use one for my son’s delivery but loved having my own for my daughter and after the delivery my hubby loved it, since the one the hospital gave him was ridiculously thin.
  11. Sugar Free lollipops: This were a life saver with both of my deliveries, your mouth gets dry and you are not allowed to eat. This make you feel like you are eating something and keep your mind off the hunger and sometimes the pain too.

What to Pack for Baby

  1. Coming home outfit: Most babies are good with a size NB. Our son was 9.4 lb and still fit in a little NB outfit. Plan according to weather.
  2. Car seat: Make sure it is installed properly most hospital check it for you before you can take baby home. Some cities fire department will help you install it or check it is right for free.
  3. Blankets: Receiving blankets even if your baby is born in summer, babies need one more extra layer than adults do. Just pack one, for the day you are leaving. The hospital provides one but again is not the best looking one. If your baby is born in the winter made sure to pack a thick blanket as well. Like the one Minky Couture sent me, perfect for the November weather.
  4. Baby Book: Most hospitals will put your baby’s footprints directly onto your baby book if you ask.
  5. Nursing Pillow: This is super necessary even if you are not planning to breastfeed, it will save your back! I will be taking my new nursing pillow Balboa Baby sent me 🙂

What to pack for your support person

  1. Pillow and Blanket: If you don’t want to give them yours after labor. And again the hospital gets cold and they don’t give the support person much.
  2. Snacks: Nothing stinky or that you might crave. I actually asked my husband to only eat outside of the delivery room while I was in labor. Even if you are not like me if you have been in labor for a long time odds are you’ll be starving!
  3. Toiletries: Deodorant, shaving cream and razor, body wash, shampoo, and anything else they like to use.
  4. Change of clothes: One he can sleep with and another to go home.
  5. Book, Magazine, Entertainment: You might be in labor for a long time and if you choose to have pain management you might spend quite some time sleeping. So make sure they have something to keep them entertained.
  6. Watch: If they are in charge of timing your contractions.
  7. Push Present:  😉
  8. Cash: There’s tons of vending machines at hospitals, it’s always good to have plenty or cash in hand just in case you are in labor after the cafeteria closes. Also remember the hospital feeds you not your support person.

What NOT to Pack/Take

  1. Diapers/Wipes: Unless you have an issue with the ones provided by the hospital. Don’t take any. They provide as many as you need while your there.
  2. Baby clothes: Lots of different little outfits. They will dress your baby in a t-shirt or onesie, diaper and swaddle him/her up in a blanket while you are there no need for more.
  3.  Pads/Tampons: The hospital gives you tons of pads and they are super big and bulky but you’ll soon find out they are the perfect size. And you are not allowed to wear tampons for a while.
  4. Lots of Snacks for yourself: The hospital will feed you 3 times a day while you are there and they also have pudding cups, sandwiches and other snacks you can ask for when is not meal time.
  5. Nursing needs: The hospital will provide you with many samples, lotions, pads and anything necessary while you are there. It’s a good idea to call your hospital when you are packing your bag to see what they provide.
  6. Book, magazines: You’ll be either in active labor not interested in reading or sleeping. And after the baby is born you should be sleeping every chance you get!
  7. Laptop: Make sure your hospital offers free wifi or make sure you have your own. No need to take your laptop if you can’t use it.
  8. Stroller: Your baby will be going straight from the hospital to the car to the house. The bulky stroller is very unnecessary.
And I bet you are wondering where I packed all the goodies I will be taking to the hospital. Well……….. I’m glad you asked I was given an awesome Vera Bradley Duffel  Bag in Va Va Bloom, that fits everything with ease, not to mention all the awesome goodies I will be getting from the hospital, like extra diapers,paper work and little samples. It is not only gorgeous but also machine washable so if something gets on it is a breeze to clean!
Here are some of the awesome features:
  • 15″ strap drop
  • Handy outside end pocket
  • Larger size but still meets airline carry-on regulations
  • Great for sweaters and out of season clothes
  • Folds flat for easy storing
Hope you find this list useful and if you noticed I’m missing something or if you have any advise please leave me a comment!

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