Free for Kids: Ant-Man Games and Coloring Pages

Marvel’s Ant-Man opens in theaters TODAY!!! Are you guys as excited as I am? If so, these free Ant-Man games and coloring sheets are just in time for your next Mavel obsession or your kids 😉 (courtesy of Disney’s Marvel Studios).

The film is awesome and I promise you won’t be disappointed. With great cameos, backstories and the ever so enticing Avengers cliff hanger. I am always at the edge of my sit waiting for the next installment of the Mavel’s series. Also, I can’t tell you how much I love that my kids are getting to love Mavel and superheroes as much as I do.

Onto the awesome goodies to get you in the Ant-Man mood……..below  you’ll find the superhero mask, a matching game, mazes, coloring sheets, and more. These are straight from Disney’s Marvel Studios. Thanks Marvel!

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ANT-MAN is now playing in theatres everywhere!

Tomodachi Life Nintendo 3DS Available at Best Buy

Tomodachi Life Nintendo DS is a life simulation handheld video game where Mii characters live on an island and interact with each other. They get to live everyday lives and experience things like regular life, like making friends, falling in love, having kids, eating and having fun.

How to Play:

With Tomodachi Life, you will create Mii characters for your game. YOU CAN BE ANYONE!! From your alter ego to people you know or celebrities. It’s pretty neat and you enter their different personalities what they like to do, what they like to eat. You can even create different voices for each character. Then, you add your Mii charcters to your island. To quickly add more characters onto our island, you can choose to import Miis by scanning QR Codes created by other players. You can also share your own Miis with others.

Once you’ve added everyone on your island, you can start living your virtual life. Maybe you will want to get married and have kids. Or write a song and perform it on stage for all the other Mii characters. There is just so much to do in Tomodachi Life.

We all enjoyed playing this game! My kids had a ton of fun with the voice options as well as all the people they could play as. You can purchase Tomodachi Life at Best Buy

But you know me so here are some hot offers available at Best Buy:

From 8/29/2014 – 9/1/2014 (4 Day Labor Day; Online only) Save $30 on the Nintendo 2DS system – regularly $129.99 reduced to only $99.99
From 8/31/2014 (Online only) Save $5 on select 3DS games

Disclosure: The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free

Austin Moonwalks Thanksgiving Special

I love Thanksgiving…the food, the parties, THE SHOPPING! 😉 But sometimes my kids get bored and honestly all I can think of is hours of vegetating on the couch after eating all that turkey. If this sounds familiar I have the best solution for you!!!

Austin Moonwalks has a HOT Thanksgiving Special!!! you can get delivery on Wednesday and Pickup on Friday and only pay the 4 hour rental rate!!(restrictions apply)

I told you it was an awesome deal! Make sure you call them NOW before they run out of moonwalks!

Stay tuned for my Austin Moonwalks review coming up soon……………………….


Dave Ramsey Junior Super Saver Bank Giveaway

Your Strong Tower and a group of great bloggers are excited to bring you this giveaway for a Junior’s Smart Saver Bank, sponsored by! This is a great tool to teach your young children the importance of saving, giving, and spending. The clear and compact set of piggy banks makes it easy to see their progress.

As a Dave Ramsey Financial Counselor, I know it’s never too early to start teaching your kids about how to handle money the right way! While you’re at it, check out the entire line-up of Dave Ramsey’s youth products. Whether you’ve got preschoolers or teenagers, there are great age-appropriate tools to get your kids on the right track with money management. And that means they’ll be less likely to move back in with you after college!

Entering is easy via the Rafflecopter form below. Contest runs from June 5 through June 9, 2013 and is open to US residents age 18 and up. Prize will ship directly from Dave Ramsey’s organization.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Angry Birds Star Wars Millenium Falcon Bounce Game Review & Giveaway!

Like I’ve told you before my entire family loves Star Wars and now my son is obsessed with anything angry birds, so you can image how how feels about Angry Birds Star Wars! Were received a Star Wars in the Millennium Falcon Bounce Game! Bounce in to help the Rebels escape and win! Can you knock the “enemies” off the Millennium Falcon and bounce the Rebel heroes into the cockpit. Launch your balls at the table and bounce them at the target (it may or may not have reminded me of beer pong, just saying!) You get points for every ball you score in the center target, every pig you knock off, and every ball you land in the cockpit. It’s so much fun!

We also reviewed the Angry Birds Star Wars Foam Flyers Storm Trooper Pig Flyer. Classic Star Wars characters get a brand-new Angry Birds twist with the Foam Flyers! And since my daughter is always Princess Leah, my son had to attack her with it. All in good Angry Birds fun!

We all loved it and it arrived just in time for our family game night. This game was a whole adventure on to itself to put together, my kids and I love to assemble things so we had lots of fun with that part too. It comes with stickers to make the box part of the game which made it that much cooler! I would recommend this games to anyone for birthday gifts or any other occasion as they provide entertainment for not only the kids but the entire family.

Now for the fun part, we also got one each of the Angry Birds Star Wars Millenium Falcon Bounce Game and the Angry Birds Foam Flyer. Make sure to enter below! Good Luck and may the force be with you! 😉

***Disclosure: I did receive this product and/or compensation. Neither influenced my opinions, the review is based on my children and my own opinions. 

Free Lego Mini Build: Blue Bird!! Today Only!

It’s that time a month!!! Head to your local Lego Store for a FREE Lego Build! Today’s build is a Blue Bird Mini and starts at 5pm.

This happens on the first Tuesday of every month and kids ages 6-14 can learn how to build a cool mini model AND take it home – for FREE (limit one per child)!

Amazon: Free Little Big Book of Butterflies eBook

Are you ready to learn about butterflies in this new interactive picture book for kids? The Little Big Book of Butterflies is packed with fun facts, beautiful photos and lots of great questions:

• How big are the world’s smallest and largest butterflies?
• Where do butterflies live and what do they eat? And who eats them?
• How do they hide from their enemies?
• Do you know the four stages of a butterfly’s life cycle?
• Did you know butterflies taste with their feet?
Get the answers to these questions and many more, along with stunning photos of butterflies in action. Have you been paying attention? There’s only one way to find out! At the end of every Little Big Book there’s a special interactive quiz, perfect for testing your new-found knowledge.

If you like it make sure to get it fast, as we all know Amazon is notorious for changing their prices at any time!!!

Similac Simply Smart Bottles Review & Giveaway!!!

My two other kids were breastfed only, and I still pumped and bottle fed them but I have no experience with formula. So I ask my friend to help me review the new Similac Simply Smart Bottles. She was really excited!

This product is really awesome design. The shaped nipple makes it easier to switch from breastfeeding to bottle feeding. The easy mix is a great idea when you are formula feeding plus the on the go powder cap is perfect for a busy moms.

They also feature an open design which allows for easy cleaning, even with the mixer piece. It was easy to remove for cleaning.

The only thing I can complaint about is that it doesn’t help much with the colic and bubbles, the mixer attachments only makes more bubbles. If you have a baby without colic issues than this bottle is perfect for you!

You can find Similac on their websiteFacebook and Twitter. Also, for a chance to win your own 8 oz bottle, 4 oz bottle, dispenser cap and some coupons (3 winners will be chosen)  make sure you enter the giveaway. Good Luck and thanks for reading!

Disclaimer: I received the products and/or compensation in exchange for a honest review. I only recommend products I HONESTLY liked and I try to point out what I don’t. 

Rockin’ Baby Pouch Review & Giveaway!!!

Since I started showing, every single time I go ANYWHERE with my kids and my big belly people stop me to tell me how hard it is to go from two to three kids. I swear it is a conspiracy man!!! LOL So it got me thinking that I really need some tools and gadgets to help me until I get used to it. And as I was researching options I got the chance to review a pouch from Rockin’ Baby, and I was super excited!

Rockin’ Baby not only makes gorgeous baby pouches and slings but they also believe in giving back and helping moms in need. With their Mother to Mother mission they donate a brand new baby sling to moms in Haiti, each sling is bright orange with red rings so that next time you watch something on the news or see a picture on a newspaper or magazine you recognize it and know your purchase help a mother in need. Here’s a video where you can see a little more about their mission. I don’t know if it is the hormones, but I was in tears at the end.

I received a Rockin’ Baby Pouch in the “I’ll stop the world and melt with you” pattern, which is no longer available but they have other gorgeous ones too. I am new to the whole sling and pouch deal so I needed to make sure I checked everything. I got the S/M size and it comes with adjustable zippers to assure the best fit and a little flap with Velcro to cover the zippers. It also comes with some padding at the bottom for what I think is comfort when the baby is bigger and his/her legs are hanging out.

Comparing it with the other pouch I got I seems to be bigger and more comfortable. I also love the pattern of the fabric and the material. But obviously the real test will be when baby Gael is here. Rockin’ Baby Slings and Pouches retail for $79.99 and can be purchased from either their site HERE or Amazon.

You can find Rockin’ Baby on their websiteFacebook and Twitter. Also, for a chance to win your own Rockin’ Baby HERO Sling make sure you enter the giveaway. Good Luck and thanks for reading!

Disclaimer: I received the products and/or compensation in exchange for a honest review. I only recommend products I HONESTLY liked and I try to point out what I don’t. 

Minky Couture Review & Giveaway!!!

As most of you know I am pregnant with our third child, and he’ll be born in November so it’s going to be kinda cold. My kids are always bundled up the first couple months of their life and baby Gael will be no exception since he’s coming at the beginning of winter. So I was beyond thrilled when I got a chance to review a Minky Couture Blanket!

I heard about Minky Couture before but had never touched or seen a blanket in person, so I was beyond words when I received it. It is softer than any other blanket I had ever touched. It is also bigger than the other blankets we have waiting for baby Gael. The sewing is very well done and the minky and satin ruffle combination are truly gorgeous. We received the Tyler: Green and Brown Dots with Brown Swirl and Brown Ruffle and I can’t wait for our son to come to bundle him up with it!

Minky Couture Blankets can be purchased from their website here and start at $65 and worth every penny! They also offer decorative blankets for your home, adult and tween sizes.

You can find Minky Couture on their websiteFacebook and Twitter. Also, for a chance to win your own Minky Couture Baby Blanket make sure you enter the giveaway. Good Luck and thanks for reading!

Disclaimer: I received the products and/or compensation in exchange for a honest review. I only recommend products I HONESTLY liked and I try to point out what I don’t. 

Daddy Scrubs Review & Giveaway!!!

My husband has been in the room when my two other kids were born, so obviously he’ll be there this time. He is super supportive and nice, but he is on allowed to leave the side of my head while I am pushing (I just don’t want him to see anything that might scar him for life! lol) So when I got the chance to review Daddy Scrubs I was so excited to give him something to make this day extra special for him.

I believe daddy needs to be comfortable during labor too, I’ve have really long labors so I always pack stuff to make sure he is entertained and comfy. He chose the blue Daddy Scrubs with the Edgy font. When it arrived I was impressed with the quality and how comfortable and nice they look. One of my favorite things is that they are perfectly fine to sleep in so if my labor happens to be late he can get a little sleep while wearing these.

I can’t wait for my hubby to wear them when this little guy is ready to come out! Make sure to stay tuned for lots of pictures!!! 🙂 Daddy Scrubs retail for $54.95 and come in different colors and different fonts to choose from. They also offer tees, hoodies, hats, and other gifts.

You can find Daddy Scrubs on their websiteFacebook and Twitter. Also, for a chance to win your own Daddy Scrubs in your choice of color and font make sure you enter the giveaway. Good Luck and thanks for reading!

Disclaimer: I received the products and/or compensation in exchange for a honest review. I only recommend products I HONESTLY liked and I try to point out what I don’t. 

Medela Calma Bottle Review

I am a full time nursing mom, I was for my two other kids and plan to be for my son coming in November. So I am obviously extremely familiar with Medela products, When they contacted me to review their brand new Calma bottle I was thrilled!

Here are some of the features of the bottle:

  • The flow control valve allows your baby to control milk flow.
  • Milk only flows when your baby creates a vacuum.
  • Mimics natural feeding behavior: your baby can feed, pause and breathe, similar to breastfeeding
I most confess, as a nursing mom I am not a friend of bottles; once you get used to nursing having to wash and sanitize tons of nipples, rings and bottles seems like quite a struggle. And don’t get me started with those bottles wit endless tiny parts. But as any mom I also know there’s times I can’t be with my baby and I need him to have a bottle he like to drink from.
I love the fact Medela’s Calma bottle is specially for nursing babies, it makes me feel great to know it will be easier for my  son to get the hang of drinking from a bottle and also like to nurse. I will be posting an extended review once my son is here. Stay tuned!!
To buy your own Calma bottle just go HERE.

FREE Lego Black Cat Model (Kids Build At Store) Today!!!

The first Tuesday of every month, kids ages 6-14 can build a fun little mini model at a Lego store. They also get to take it home with them for FREE! Tonight’s freebie is a LEGO Black Cat Mini Model! You may want to call your store to verify but they usually start at 5pm.

Car seat Canopy Whole Caboodle Review & Giveaway!!!

Here’s another awesome product I would’ve loved with my other two kids but I didn’t even know existed!!! infant carseat covers, I was a little puzzled with the idea but now I’m in love with it!!! I was given the Car seat Canopy whole Caboodle in the Knott pattern. Here are some reasons why these covers are awesome:

  • Let’s say you are not a first time mom or someone is letting you borrow their car sear, well if you don’t like the pattern, you’re having a different gender this time or if it just looks old you can cover it, and you won’t have to buy a new one.
  • You get great protection from the weather. When it’s sunny your baby doesn’t have to have the sun on his eyes, or if it’s cold and windy. I used a blanket to cover both of my kids when they were little and it is just dangerous you don’t have a good grip on the car seat, not to mention is falls off and usually doesn’t fit right.
  • It comes in super soft Minky fabric and with all the matching parts.
  • You can buy more than one pattern and switch them around!

I received the whole caboodle to review and I liked all the pieces and they were all easy to put on the car seat. The Minky Slip Cover is super soft, The Minky Head Support Pillow is awesome, both of my kids used something similar to this when they were little so it’s great to have on that matches everything else perfectly! If you are not familiar with these they help your baby’s head stay supported and in a comfortable position. The Baby Lap Blanket also with Minky is soft and I know I will be using it a lot this winter. I love the size, I hate how you are always dragging the regular size ones on the floor. The Replacement Umbrella with Minky Lining is the finishing touch for a complete change, It is a good size but smaller than the one my Britax Chaperone came with. It also comes with a Car Seat Canopy with Minky Interior and 100% Cotton, again I love the soft minky and I am excited to use it since my baby will be born in Winter, but it might be a little hot for summer babies (at least here in Texas).

If you missed any of that the Whole Caboodle is a complete matching set of all five Carseat Canopy™ products! here’s what it comes with:

  • Minky Slip Cover
  • Minky Head Support Pillow
  • Baby Lap Blanket with Minky Underside
  • Replacement Umbrella with Minky Lining
  • Car Seat Canopy with Minky Interior and 100% Cotton Outer
I can’t wait for Gael to come to try everything out! I am sure everyone will love it and it is going to be super useful in this windy and cold weather.

You can find Carseat Canopy on their websiteFacebook and Pinterest. Also, for a chance to win your own Whole Caboodle make sure you enter the giveaway. If you can’t wait and want to buy one of these make sure to go HERE. The Carseat Canopy Whole Caboodle retails for $79.95 and comes in many patterns and colors. Good Luck and thanks for reading!

Disclaimer: I received the products and/or compensation in exchange for a honest review. I only recommend products I HONESTLY liked and I try to point out what I don’t. 

Buy Costumes: Awesome costumes at awesome prices!!

Can you believe it is almost Halloween!?!?! Oh my! This year has just flown by! Buy Costumes has all your Halloween Costumes for men, women and children at awesome prices, make sure to check them out! If you wait to long most stores run out of all the good ones!

Are you dressing up this Halloween? How about your kids?

Vistaprint – $2 Kids’ T-Shirt Big Brother or Sister Shirts!!!

You can find kids’ T-shirts everywhere. But why go generic when you can be completely unique? Show your kids how special they are with their very own personalized T-shirts – you can even let them join in on the fun!

Turn your T-shirt order into craft time! Let your little ones choose a favorite from over 100 designs and add a silly saying, or even a favorite photo. Our design studio is easy to use and offers a variety of customization options.

Your kids with love wearing their new creations, not only because they designed it, but also because they’re super comfy. This high-quality, 100% pre-shrunk cotton material can also handle the toughest of tykes. See for yourself with this special $2 kids’ T-shirt offer. 

I made this 2 for my kids, they are the perfect thing to wear when their little brother comes!!!

BabyLegs Legwarmers, Socks and Tights Review and Giveaway!

Our son was born in 2006 and our daughter was born 2010. I was amazed by how many awesome new items for mom and baby came out during those 4 years! So when I got pregnant this time I decide to do my research and find all those companies that are targeted to make moms lives easier and babies look cuter. BabyLegs is one of them!

I started seing little boys and girls wearing the most adorable leg warmers, and I most confess I looove the 80’s so the idea made me smile! But I thought Diego was too big and I guess I really didn’t look into it with Karyme. So when I was asked to do a review of BabyLegs for both my little princess and our new baby coming this fall 🙂 I was thrilled!!

Their story is one that most moms can relate to. In 2005 a mom had been battling a nasty diaper rash with no success, she knew she had to let if air out but was worried about keeping her daughter warm, so she cut up a pair of socks and fitted her daughter with some awesome legwarmers. To her surprise, the idea not only worked for the ugly diaper rash but also helped her while diaper changing and potty training, it even protected little knees from crawling. Now we are lucky enough to find this awesome idea in a series of colors and designs that will please even the pickiest of parents and they also offer the cutest little socks and tights.

We received the Humpty Dumpty Newborn Socks  and the Lil’ Jack Sprat Legwarmers for our son, they are super soft and I was more than please with the design and material. They have no-slip grips and the colors are vibrant and vivid! They have an awesome elastic on the top so you won’t be loosing socks everywhere and last but certainly not least they are made with Organic Cotton. I can’t wait for my little guy to come to try them out! You can be sure I will be sharing some pictures once he comes 🙂

For our daughter we received the Trapeze Girls Tights and the Dorothy Legwarmers. She will be wearing this tights the first day that is not 100 degrees here in Austin, TX! I am in love with them! The bright colors are great and they also have the no-slip grips. They are really soft and comfortable and they fit great. The legwarmers have been a stable lately, she loves them and never wants to take them off. I can now see what they were talking about the potty training, she runs around with her little pull ups and BabyLegs legwarmers and it’s been so much easier!

One of my favorite things about this line is the color options, kids get dirty and they have clothes with many colors, so it is wonderful to have accessories that coordinate with pretty much anything! Also all the newborn line is made with Organic Cotton, which I am sure so many of us can appreciate. The legwarmers start at $10, the socks start at $10 for two pairs and the tights are $16.

We were given a BabyLegs grab bag to giveaway to a lucky reader! Make sure to enter the giveaway right now where you can enter to win! Also, don’t forget to like BabyLegs Facebook and follow them on Twitter!

Disclaimer: I received the products and/or compensation in exchange for a honest review. I only recommend products I HONESTLY liked and I try to point out what I don’t. 

Baboosh Baby Taut and Exercise Bundle Review and Giveaway!

Getting their body back is a big concern for new moms. And after 2 kids soon to be 3 I can relate, I must confess I let myself go before I got pregnant this time and I am very concern those extra pounds will linger after our son is born. So needless to say when I was offered a Tauts and Baboosh Body Unisex Exercise Wrap By Brooke Burke and 2 Brooke Burke’s new fitness videos I was thrilled!

If Tauts sounds familiar it’s because it is one of the most popular and awesome postpartum bands in the market, and it is Brooke Burke’s very own line. The wrap squeezes the post pregnancy belly into shape faster. It is a method that has been used for centuries and getting popular again, it’s supposed to help your swollen uterus go back in place, reduce water retention, give you back support and help with the baggy belly skin.  Here are some features from their website:

  • Three panel construction designed for a women’s curves
  • Eight inch adjustable Velcro
  • No bones or stays to jab into you
  • Only 3mm, not bulky
  • Gets your tummy back to its original state
I also received a Baboosh Body Unisex Exercise Wrap By Brooke Burke and 2 Brooke Burke’s new fitness videos: Transform your body with Brooke Burke – Tone & Tighten and Transform your body with Brooke Burke – Strengthen & Condition. You heard right Unisex, so daddy can use this one too. It is made of nylon and neoprene which helps you sweat more and start shedding inches. Just like the Tauts it has Velcro to ensure proper fitting.

Make sure to check out Baboosh Baby on their website and like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter. Also, this is a SWEET Giveaway, we were given 2 Tauts and 2 exercise bundles, so 4 lucky readers can score this awesome prizes!  Make sure you enter the giveaway. Good Luck and thanks for reading!

Disclaimer: I received the products and/or compensation in exchange for a honest review. I only recommend products I HONESTLY liked and I try to point out what I don’t. 

Bebe Au Lait Nursing Cover Set Review and Giveaway!

Nursing covers are very popular now and a most have for breastfeeding moms. So when I was offered to review Bebe Au Lait’s nursing cover I was super excited! I was a fully breastfeeding mom with both of my kids and I plan to do the same with this baby. I know how important nursing covers are, and I used them a lot with my other two kids.

I got the Bebe au Lait Nursing Cover and Burp Cloth Gift Set in Hot Dots. I choose this pattern when we didn’t know the gender of the baby yet, and I am very happy with it! I think it is a great color for a boy. The set comes with the Nursing cover which is very well made, not only the fabric is nice and light weight but it also has terrycloth corners, which I was fascinated by. This can be so helpful when your mommy brain kicks in and you forget to get any burp clothes or wash clothes to dry any spills. In the same corners it has little pockets to put anything else you might need to make the feeding easier, or maybe a snack or your cellphone 😛 It also has a rigid neckline to keep an eye on the baby and awesome ventilation. They are 100% cotton and machine washable which is a big plus.

The set also comes with 3 burp clothes of the same pattern and terrycloth. I must say this was my favorite part, I am a sucker for bump clothes and theses are great! They are really big and super soft and I love that they coordinate with the nursing cover. Also they are double layered for maximum protection. No more smelling like Barf #5 for this mama!  I am going to be getting another set of these.

If you need a gift for a new mom, make sure to get one these sets. I promise you they will love it and it is one of the most useful gifts ever!!

I am sure this nursing cover and burp clothes will be a must when our son comes, and I am so glad I get to share this awesomeness with you. I was given a nursing cover set to giveaway to one of our lucky readers. So make sure to enter our giveaway! Also don’t forget to like Bebe Au Lait on Facebook and follow them on Twitter!

Disclaimer: I received the products and/or compensation in exchange for a honest review. I only recommend products I HONESTLY liked and I try to point out what I don’t.